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Instant Check Mate People Search: People Search Service by Instant Check Mate, How Does it Work!

by Roger V.

Instant Check Mate People Search, People Search Instant Check Mate

Full People Search Instant CheckMate Review

Instant CheckMate Overview

Instant Check Mate, founded in 2010, is a public records search service that allows anyone to look into social media, photos, police records, background checks, civil judgments and get contact information and much more about anyone in the U.S.

This type of service is particularly precious when you meet new people, either at work, on social media, or on dating apps and you wonder if these people are worth your trust... or not. It gives the opportunity to know the truth on each other and read carefully between the lines - and lies. Millions of searches are made every day from Instant CheckMate, we'll explain to you how it all works!

Instant Check Mate

Instant CheckMate Costs

Of course, these services are not for free! However, it is totally accessible and offered for a price that enables you to save plenty of time and money, as well as satisfying your curiosity, providing you the tool to protect your family and find the truth about people in your life.

Instant CheckMate offers several membership plans as well as one-time report. Once you start to search, different offers will be proposed to continue and get the report you actually want. These are the different options to access the data of Instant CheckMate:

  • 5-Day Trial Offer: $1
  • 1-Month Membership Offer: $22.86 per month
  • 3-Month Membership Offer: $14.86 per month ($44.58 total)
  • 6-Month Membership Offer: $9.86 per month ($59.16 total)
  • Premium Reports: $19.99 each
  • PDF Fee: $1.99 (one-time fee only)

If you'd like to try the service before subscribing, the best options stay to opt for the trial period. With a trial period, you'll be able to see if you get the information you are looking for and only then, choose the subscription the most suitable to your needs.

Instant CheckMate Services and Features

Once you start to search for a person, Instant Check Mate will start screening different sources of records to bring you all existing information concerning that person. You may enter only a name, select a state or leave the search state-wide. If too many results appear, you may be asked to narrow the search by selecting a state or an approximate age. Then, Instant Check Mate will search for all the following information:

Personal Information - Phone numbers, Job Information, Aliases & Nicknames, Emails, Education and Death Records will be carefully checked.

Social Information - Images, Associated Websites, Online Activity, Blog Posts, Dating Profiles, Videos, Domains, and Online Interest will be reviewed.

Relatives & Relationships - Immediate & Extended Family, Online Relationships, Ex-spouses, Roommates, Neighbors, In-Laws will be screened. 

Criminal Information - Arrest Records, Misdemeanors Crimes, Traffic Tickets, Case Numbers, Offense Description, Felonies, Warrants, Sentencing Info, Court Dates, Arrest Location, etc. will be mentioned - if relevant - on the report.

Finances Information - Financial Hardship, Tax Liens, Assets at Risk, Refinances, Evictions, Judgments, Bankruptcies, Property & Asset Value, Foreclosures, Mortgage Information, Vehicle Ownership will be reviewed and mentioned as well on the report.

Instant Check Mate review

How Does Instant CheckMate Work? We Explain the Way Instant Check Mate Operates! 

Instant Check Mate compiles reports from millions of public records including information provided by state and local governments. Instant Check Mate operates by aggregating public records from all over the country. It means that the data already exists in federal, city and state public records databases.

It basically avoids you to go in-person in every office and knock at different doors to gather information about someone. With the great help of technology, all pieces of information are gathered and available just a click away. No further need to go in-person from a courthouse to a police station, whether you are searching for arrest records, personal information, or simply an address or social media information, Instant Check Mate gather them all by connecting to multiple databases.

Still, it is important to mention that Instant Check Mate is not a Consumer Reporting Agency, therefore it is not to be used for any purpose governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Instant Check Mate

Instant CheckMate People Search Review

Instant Check Mate is one of the largest People Search websites and reviews about Instant Check Mate's services are mostly positive and thankful. Here is a selection of recent reviews that can help you know why people mostly appreciate the service:

"I wanted to do a background check on someone my child was starting to date. I had some concerns. This Instant Checkmate gave me the information for me to follow up on to make sure my child would be safe. All is well. THANK THANK THANK YOU!" - Lilie, Nashtoah, WI. 

"I was able to find information I needed for my search. I am thankful it all turned out great. This Checkmate Search has any and everything you would be interested in and not interested in finding. You will definitely get the answers you are searching for. This search was a detailed search." - Pamela, Sumter, SC.

"I called on the phone for assistance. I didn't have to wait long as Le ** (I think was her name), your customer service agent, I spoke with was helpful, skilled at explanation of product and helped me better understand the reports. Your product was decent and fair given the money." - Joe, Salem OR.

Instant Check Mate proudly displays their A+ ranking for Better Business Bureau, which is definitely a good advantage. Customer service is usually described as very efficient and sympathetic, which is also important when using such a service. If you look for a reliable people search website, Instant Check Mate is definitely one!

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