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Best Health Insurance Companies in Iowa

by Eddie V.

Health Insurance Iowa, Iowa Health Insurance

What are the Best Health Insurance Options in Iowa?

Iowa uses a partnership exchange with the federal government. So residents can use to draw comparisons between different health care plans before purchasing them. The two insurance companies that offer 2019 individual health plans through Iowa’s exchange are Wellmark and Medica.

Iowa’s official portal to purchase health care coverage is You might also buy health insurance directly from a company or through a broker, but irrespective of where you buy your cover from, the rates are the same. Below is a list of government health insurance cover that residents can apply for if they meet specific qualifying criteria.

Medicaid – Health care coverage is provided for lower-income parents with children, children, people with disabilities, senior citizens and pregnant women. Most Medicaid members have enrolled in the IA Health Link program. Under this program, health coverage is provided through Managed Care Organisations.

Medicaid members can avail of Long Term Care services. It facilitates a better quality of life in senior citizen homes and other care facilities.

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Health Insurance Iowa

Medicare – It is a health and hospital insurance system funded by the federal government for people 65 years and above. It is also for disabled people. For more information, visit –

hawk-i – Uninsured children of working families are given health coverage under this program. A family typically does not pay over $40 a month for this insurance. Some families do not have to pay anything at all. Iowa Health and Wellness Plan at will give you comprehensive information on qualifying criteria, benefits, and options available to you. Iowa Health and Wellness Plan also offer private health coverage. 

ValuePenguin has researched and prepared a comprehensive list of the best, cheapest health Insurance coverage in Iowa for 2019. They found that the two most affordable plans were Medica Insure Silver Copay and Inspire by Medica Silver Copay. They might not be available in all the counties, but where possible, they offer some of the best benefits at the most competitive premiums.


Gold plans – These plans are best suited to people who have high or recurring medical costs like prescription medications or medical equipment costs. Plans cover most of the out-of-pocket expenses, which means you pay lower deductibles, coinsurance, and copay. The average monthly premium in Iowa, under the gold tier, is $818 for a 40-year-old and $1,738 for a 60-year-old. Across the board, Inspire by Medica Gold Copay Plus is the cheapest plan.

Silver plans – Offering nominal monthly premiums, with higher out-of-pocket expenses, these plans are best tailored to people in a low-income category or those who have average medical costs. You might qualify for cost-reduction sharing (CSR) subsidies if you are from a low-income household. If you do, a Silver plan will cover about 94% of your health care costs. Otherwise, the plan would at least meet about 70% of it. Inspire by Medica Silver Copay is the cheapest Silver plan.

Iowa Health Insurance

Bronze and Catastrophic plans – Catastrophic plans have the lowest monthly insurance premiums at an average of $346 for 21-year-olds. 30-year-olds and below or those who qualify under exemptions can apply. If you have a bronze plan, the average monthly insurance costs you would have to meet will be around $477 for 21-year-olds. However, anyone can apply for these plans. Paying lower premiums for both bronze and catastrophic plans translate to reduced coverage and more out-of-pocket costs for you. Inspire by Medica Bronze is the cheapest plan with an average monthly price of $529.95 for a 40-year-old.

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Whether you choose to purchase insurance at the marketplace, directly from a company or through a broker, you will pay the same rate. There isn't any one best insurance plan. Choosing the most optimum plan to suit your needs depends on criteria like your budget, coverage requirements, policy pricing, and offerings among other factors.

And remember, the cheapest health insurance might not always be the best health insurance for you. Find a policy that will adequately meet your family’s health insurance needs.


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