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iPad Charging Slow? Here is What to Do!

by Keren P.

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What to Do If Your iPad Will Not Charge or Charges Slowly

If your iPad is not charging or charging very slowly, then there are certain things one can do to remedy it. Such charging problems are often followed by an alert message on the screen. If the problem is faced in wireless charging, then it is advised first to check if the device is getting charged using a USB cable. If it’s a problem in the iPad charger, then there are a lot of Apple certified accessories.

To power your device using the new charger, the iPad is to be connected to the USB cable and the other end of the cable has to be connected to a power source. There are three power sources that iPad can be connected to. It can be directly connected to a wall power socket using a USB adapter, or the cable can be connected to a computer or laptop through a USB port. One can also connect it with various kinds of accessories such as USB hub, docking stations, and other Apple certified accessories.

What to do if iPad is charging slowly or doesn’t charge

The first thing to do if the iPad is charging slowly or if it doesn’t charge quick enough is to check the USB cable for any kind damages such as breakages or bend prongs. If the accessory is damaged then is advised to get it replaced as soon as possible and not use a damaged accessory.

If the problem is in the wall power outlet, then the user should first ensure a proper connection between the iPad’s power adaptor and the wall socket. If one socket is not working, then a different socket needs to be tried out to identify the problem. If the problem persists, the user should check for any kind of debris, dirt or dust in the various charging ports of the device and cable. The user should also check for signs of damage to the charging pins.

iPad Not Charging
Even if the device is unresponsive let your device charge of half-hour and see what happens. If the device is unresponsive even after that, then it is a good idea to try and force restart the device. On an iPad this is done by holding and quickly releasing the power up button, holding and quickly releasing the power down button and then pressing and holding the power button till the device restarts. After this, let the device charge for another half-hour. If it is still unresponsive or is charging slowly then maybe it is best to take the iPad to an authorized Apple service center.

If the iPad stops charging after only 80% of charge, then it must be a heating issue. Notice if the device is getting slightly warmer as it charges. If the battery gets a bit too warm, then the software of the iPad OS might restrict the charging to only 80% to ensure the life of the product. By switching the iPad to a cooler location or waiting till the temperature drops might help in getting it charged completely.

If the apple charging accessory itself is not supported, then this will be indicated by a suitable error message on the screen. This might indicate a problem with the charging adapter or accessory or the device itself. One can try various kinds of USB cables to ensure the proper charging of the device or can try restarting the device again. It is also advised that you ensure the latest version of the operating system on the device. If still nothing happens then go to the Apple service center with both your iPad and accessories.


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