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10 iPad Shortcuts to Make Your Life Easier!

by Eddie V.

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10 Great iPad Shortcuts

The iPad is not just an iPhone with a larger screen, it has much more to deliver. If you are planning to use your iPad the same way you use your iPhone, you are missing out a lot of fun. There are lots of shortcuts and hidden tricks and hacks that can make using an iPad very exciting. To make the most of your iPad, we have assembled a lot of shortcuts that you would savor while working.

Putting an extra app

Working in your iPad can be so much fun. Just to let you know- you can make space for up to six apps at the bottom of your iPad home screen. Amazed? Yes, it’s true. Having more apps at the dock will help in the easier launching of the app and you don’t have to frantically search for it on your iPhone. Also, if you are using a lot of apps on a daily basis, you can also create a folder on the dock.

There’s a hidden control panel

Your iPad has a hidden control panel which you can reveal by swiping up from the bottom edge of your iPad screen. It’s the place where the screen meets the bevel. The control panel will reveal itself when you start from this edge and gradually move your finger upwards. Cool, isn’t it? Use the control panel to manage Bluetooth settings or the volume of your music.


Spotlight search

You don’t have to hunt through pages while launching a particular app, just use the Spotlight Search. The Spotlight Search can be accessed by simply sliding your finger down on the home screen. This saves a lot of time in launching an app on your iPad.

There’s a virtual touchpad

The virtual touchpad makes it a lot easier to work on your iPad. When you put two fingers down on the iPad’s on-screen keyboard, it can act as a touchpad. The touchpad enables easy movement of the cursor and you can place it on the desired position while typing or highlighting a section of the text.

Keyboard shortcut

If you go to the iPad settings in the General and Keyboard section, there is a button that allows you to add your own shortcut.

Undo a mistake

There’s a safe and simple way of undoing your mistake while typing on your iPad. Surprised? Just like your desktop which has an undo feature, your iPad also lets you undo your last typed word. This can be done by simply shaking your iPad. When shaking it, your iPad will confirm your decision to undo your typing.

Splitting the keyboard

If you are better typing with your thumbs than your fingers, you might find the iPad's onscreen keyboard to be a little too big. If you are that person who finds it easier to type with your thumb, you can split the iPad's keyboard in two, thus enabling you to freely type with your thumbs. And, activating this feature is also very simple. Simply pinch outwards with your keyboard on display and the keyboard splits instantly into two halves.


Tapping a word

Look up a word’s definition by tapping and holding the magnifying glass until it pops up, and then lift your finger. There will be a popup menu asking you to copy the text to the clipboard or simply defining the text. Just choose define and bingo!

Downloading previously purchased apps

You can browse through all the apps you had previously purchased by choosing the Purchased tab right at the bottom of the app store page where you download previously purchased apps for free.

Draw straight lines on Note

If you want to draw straight lines on Note, simply place two fingers on the screen. A ruler will appear magically and you can easily draw a straight line with it. 

Hope these shortcuts will make working with your iPad an easy job!



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