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iPhone or iPad Water Damage? Here is How to Fix it!

by Kelly B.

iPhone Water Damage, How to Save a Wet iPhone

How to Save a Wet iPhone or iPod

iPhones, iPods, iPads aren’t cheap or easy to replace. No matter how careful you are eventually, you will drop your iPhone or iPod into the water. With the price of iPhones ranging from $999 to $1,449, it is more expensive than ever before to replace an iPhone. With that in mind, let us look at things you can do to save your precious iPhone or iPad before giving up and calling it quits.

Resist the urge to turn your iPhone or iPod on

When you drop your device in water, it’s understandable that you’re going to have an urge to turn it on to see if everything’s working. Until your device thoroughly dries, do not turn it on. Even if it’s on standby, resist the urge to turn on the screen. An increase in electronic activity heightens the risk of permanent damage significantly.

Dry your device

The first thing you should do after rescuing your device is to let it dry out completely. Even if the device seems dry from the outside, there might be drops of water lodged in tiny gaps. The best way to let your device dry is to open it up as much as you can and leave it out in a sunny place which isn’t too hot. Leave it out for at least a day before you go further.

iPhone Water Damage

Stay away from hairdryers

Heat and electronics work similar to water and electronics. They don’t mix. There have been some stories of people who have saved their devices by using hairdryers; however, it isn’t recommended. If you’d still like to try drying your device with a hairdryer, use a low heat setting and take frequent breaks as this will let sensitive parts of the phone cool down.

Use Silica Packets

For people who don’t know, Silica packets are packets that come in lots of things such as shirt pockets and guitar cases. They usually have a label on them saying, “Do not eat.” Silica packets are great at absorbing moisture. Fill a plastic bag with silica packets and seal it with your iPhone inside. Let it sit inside for a long time, 24-48 hours is a safe bet. Do not take your phone out and turn it on to see if it works. Be patient and wait for at least two days.

Use Rice

Silica packets are fantastic, but it can be hard to find enough of them to do the job properly and effectively enough to salvage your phone. A more practical solution would be to immerse your iPhone or iPod in rice. Rice works similar to silica by absorbing the moisture. It works surprisingly well, however, it isn’t as ideal as using silica packets. This is because rice can fill your device with dust. It is an effective solution if you’re in a bit of a pinch and can’t find enough silica packets to do the job.

Dropped iPhone in Water

Other options

A less economical alternative would be to get a newer iPhone model. Preferably the iPhone 7 and up as these models are all water resistant. All models except the iPhone XS come with an IP67 rating which means that the phones are water resistant and can survive in a meter of water for up to 30 minutes without getting damaged.

Your best bet is to let your device dry first. Leaving your device in a warm place for more than a day is one of the safest and best ways of saving your device. Let it dry for more than you think is normal. If you believe your device needs a day to dry completely, let it dry for two days. Remember, do not turn your device on while it is drying.




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