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IQ Test websites You Should Know About

by Toni S.

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IQ Test: Best Websites to Test Your IQ

IQ or Intelligent Quotient is the sum of scores from several standardized tests developed by psychologists that evaluate the level of human intelligence. They are also used for identifying prospective employment candidates and educational placements. They are also used to detect and diagnose learning disabilities in children and adults.

There are dozens of IQ tests to help measure the intelligence levels of an individual. The most widely used IQ test currently that measures intelligence and cognitive skills is the WAIS or the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale. The WAIS test has 15 subtests that measure skills like verbal skills, perceptual reasoning skills, memory and arithmetic skills, and processing speed. The test results from each subset are then combined to determine the overall IQ level. Typically, most IQ tests evaluate one’s reasoning skills and problem-solving abilities.

The average IQ score in the U.S. is 98, and 99 in Canada. 70% of IQ scores are in the range of 85-115, 95% fall between 70-130, according to Wilderdom.

Here are five of the best websites to test your IQ for free:

1. SeeMyPersonality


The SeeMyPersonality IQ test is a fast-paced and time-limited test. It includes the following eight sections, testing your skills in each of these areas:

  1. Memory
  2. Perception
  3. Comprehension
  4. Visual design
  5. Logic
  6. Spatial relations
  7. Numerical sequence
  8. Creativity

Each section has a 1-5-minute time limit. The test results are given online immediately, and each section score is individually given too to highlight which areas could use some improvement. A test score of 130+ is “very superior.”


This IQ testing website offers two free online tests:

  1. Classical Intelligence Test
  2. Culture Intelligence Test

The first test contains ten questions that test logical reasoning, verbal, numerical and spatial skills. The time limit is 10 minutes.


The second test has eight questions. It is a non-verbal test and can be taken by non-English natives. It’s designed to reduce cultural, verbal, and educational influences that are commonly present in classic intelligence tests. This test measures the person’s ability to understand relationships in the form of shapes and figures. There is no time limit.

Test results are calculated online immediately. A score of 9/10 equals an IQ score of 125. You will be asked to share your gender, age, country, and education level details before your results are given.

This is a free, fast, and accurate online IQ test with only 20 questions. As most online IQ tests, this test measures your verbal comprehension, spatial abilities, numerical skills, and logical reasoning abilities. There is no time limit to complete the test. Once you finish, you will receive your score right away, and there is no need to wait for your score via email. You will have to enter your date of birth before you begin. 


The Brain Metrix testing includes 20 multiple choice questions, which tests verbal skills, logical reasoning, numerical and spatial abilities. You progress through the test by scrolling down the page. Very straightforward. There is no time limit. You’ll get your test results and IQ scores right away. An IQ score of 120 is “superior intelligence.”


This test takes you through 57 questions that quantify:

  • Logical reasoning
  • Mathematical skills
  • Language capacity
  • Spatial relations
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Information retention

This test does not factor in emotional intelligence. It’s one of the lengthier and more comprehensive online tests. There is no time limit, but recommends that you allot about an hour to complete the test. You can use a calculator, paper, and pen. This test measures your intellectual potential and not your performance levels under stress. You’ll be able to get your IQ score online after you answer a few demographic type questions. A score of 120 means Crystallized Intelligence. It’s completely free.

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