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Is He Cheating On me?

by Maria S.

Is He Cheating, Is He Cheating On me, Cheating

Is he cheating on me? Signs He might be Cheating On you! 

While most of us talk to our romantic partners when we can, most of the communication with them, and also with other people, is non-verbal. By picking up subtle signs that people send, even without realizing it, we can discover a lot of things about the people in our lives. If you suspect your boyfriend or husband is cheating on you, you can find out by noticing how they behave. For those of you who are wondering "is he cheating?", these are signs he is cheating that can help you get to the bottom of the truth.

1. His mouth says "no" but his nods say "yes"

One dead giveaway sign of lying is saying one thing while doing something to the contrary. In case of cheating partners, they will say no when asked a direct question but will nod their head up and down in agreement. If, for instance, you ask you, partner, if he was where he says he was and he replies no but nods to yes, he might be lying.

2. He doesn't want to cuddle after sed

Am I being cheated on? Are they cheating? One of the signs you should notice to answer these questions is how your partner acts after sex. It's true – most men are not big on cuddling, but those who are in a relationship usually embrace their partners after sex. From a psychological perspective, when someone does not want to be intimate after sex, it is because they feel more emotionally connected to someone else. As a result, partners who are cheating will become distant after sex, and would not want to cuddle with someone they feel less attached to.

Is He Cheatin

3. He gives you the old pat on the back

We've all had those awkward moments where we went in for a hug and the other person patted us on the back or vice versa. We also know that this usually happens when we hug a person we do not feel connected to, and the same goes for romantic partners. Patting someone is a subconscious form of keeping a distance from other people. When someone you are in a relationship with pats you in your back when you are trying to hug him, it could mean that they are trying to make the situation less romantic because they have feelings for someone else.

4. He buries his palms

Another subconscious manifestation of lying is hiding the palms of the hands. When someone is being dishonest, they will bury their palms under the table, in their pockets, or any other place where you cannot see them. So, one of the signs he is cheating is that you do not see his palms during your conversations. If you want to find out if you are being cheated on, ask your partner a question about your relationship or something you think he lied about. If he hides his palms, it's likely he is hiding something.

5. He self-grooms and acts anxious

Anxious behavior is a tell-tale sign of cheating, and you should put it on the list of signs to notice. When people cheat, they will self-groom when someone, especially their partner, talks to them about fidelity. If you have suspicions about cheating, try to notice if your partner self-grooms; tell him someone at work got cheated on and look at him carefully: if he rubs his arm, touches his hair, and look anxious, he could be cheating. In normal circumstances, a person should not be anxious when they hear about something that happened to someone else, so cheating could be the cause behind such behavior.

Is He Cheating On me

How to Find Out if He is Cheating

If you notice signs that he is cheating and you want to be sure that's the case before taking action, you can use a few methods that will help you discover the truth.

First of all, you need to get your hands on phone numbers you suspect belong to a person/people your partner is cheating with. Afterward, you can use a track SMS app that will let you know who the number belongs to. You can also use GPS cell phone track apps that will let you know where your partner is. When using one of these apps, you can find out if your boyfriend/husband is where they say they are, or if they are lying about their location.

Another cheater finder method is a reverse phone number directory that can provide you with information about the phone numbers your partner is contacting. Once you have phone numbers you suspect, you can use GoLookUp's catch a cheater directory. When you enter a phone number into the directory, it will view public records and provide you with information about them, like the names of the people they belong to, their social media accounts, aliases, criminal records, other phone numbers and more. The information will be provided to you in a matter of minutes, so you can get the answers you need without having to wait.

Being cheated on is never a pleasant discovery, but it is one we have to make. If you want to move on to a better relationship or solve the issues that led to cheating in your current relationship, you have to know the truth. By noticing signs he is cheating and dealing with the discovery head on, you can move on to healing in whatever way you choose.


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