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Is Intelius Legit? Is Intelius a Scam? Intelius Review!

by Goni S.

Is Intelius Legit, Is Intelius a Scam, Intelius Review

Is Intelius Legit? Or is Intelius Legit a Scam? We Review!

People search websites, such as Intelius, are intended to provide people with information about others that cannot be found in social media sites and search engines. The problem is that the internet is now saturated with a people search and background check websites with some of them being free of charge and others being paid-per sites. This begs the question-  are they legitimate? In the following review, we will explain which services Intelius provides and answer the question: is Intelius legit?

Intelius Costs: How Much Does Intelius Cost and What Type of Memberships are there? 

Intelius is a paid-per people search and background check website that can provide its users with access to public records. The Intelius costs vary, and you will have to pay according to the plan and search you are interested in. The current Intelius costs are as follows:

  • Intelius People Search price: $0.95
  • Intelius Reverse Phone Lookup price: $0.95
  • Intelius Reverse Address Lookup price: $4.95–$14.95
  • Intelius Criminal Record price: $14.95 for statewide; $29.95 for nationwide
  • Intelius Background Check price: $39.95
  • Intelius Premier price: $19.95/mo.
  • Intelius Premier Plus membership price: $29.95/mo.
Is intelius legit

What are Intelius Features?

Intelius has several features and services it provides its members, and the main Intelius services are:

Name search – a name-based search engine that provides data about people based on their full name. Once you enter the full name of a certain person of interest into the Intelius name search, it will search for information about them and will provide you with a phone number, address, age, aliases, names of relatives, and more. The name search is meant to help people track down individuals from their past, find relatives, and find data about people when all they have is a name.

Reverse phone number search – a search directory that provides information based on people's phone numbers. If you want to find accurate information about people's past, you can use the Intelius phone number search. After you enter a phone number into the directory, you will get access to the real name of the owner, additional contact information, phone carrier, and more. The search service allows you to find out who is calling you, and make sure that certain phone calls are not scam calls that can wind up hurting you.

Background check – an in-depth search engine that provides a great deal of information about people. The background check is name-based, and once you enter the name of a  person you have questions about into the directory, it will provide you with the said person's contact information, their criminal records, bankruptcies, liens against them, birthday, and more.


Where is Intelius Location? What is the Intelius Phone Number?

Intelius' headquarters are in Seattle, Washington, and the company offers several ways to contact is:

Intelius Chat:

Intelius Email:

Intelius Corporate Office Address:

1501, 4th Ave

Seattle, WA 98101-1637


You may contact the sales team directly at 1-877-974-1500

Additional Intelius phone numbers:

(206) 301-5800

(206) 301-5795

Intelius phone number

How Long has Intelius Been Providing Services 

Intelius was founded in 2003 by former InfoSpace executives, so it has been around for about 16 years. In 2017, Intelius received the title of the best background check service provider.

Intelius App: IOS & Android, How to Download and Use

If you need to find people or run a background check service on a mobile device, you can use the Intelius app. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices, and it provides you with the same service as the website. Also, the Intelius app provides a caller ID service, so you will be able to find out who is calling you and run a reverse phone number search on unknown phone numbers.

To download the Android Intelius app, click HERE

To download the iOS Intelius app, click HERE

Intelius App

Is Intelius anonymous? Does Intelius Notify the Person? 

One of the biggest concerns of people who use Intelius is the website's anonymity; is Intelius anonymous is an important question because most users do not want their information and search history revealed. The answer to this question is yes – the website and apps are anonymous.

What does it mean? It means that when you use the services offered by the apps and website, your information will not be passed on. Also, no one that you search for will know that you are looking for them. The anonymity allows you to perform as many searches as you want on the people you want without having to worry that they will be notified about the search. So, no one will know that you looked for them and their personal information.

is intelius anonymous

Is Intelius Legit? Is Intelius a Scam?

Intelius has been around for more than 15 years, and it has many users that have been using its services for several years. So, the bottom line is that yes – Intelius is legit and it is not a scam. However, that does not mean that are no problems with the website. Several reviews about the website have argued that the reports it provides are not always accurate; this could be due to errors in public records and not necessarily the website itself.

Also, one other complaint about the services is that the fees are not always clear. The website has a cancellation fee, so it is something that you should know before purchasing a membership.

Other than these two issues, Intelius is an easy to use website that provides information quickly and easily. It is not a scam, and you can use it whenever you want, whether it's from your home or office, or when you are on the go and need to get information about someone quickly.


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