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Is My Husband a Sociopath?

by Iris Rj D.

Is My Husband a Sociopath, Is My Husband a Narcissistic Sociopath

How to Know If My Husband Is a Narcissistic Sociopath

An anti-social person and a sociopath aren’t the same, contrary to popular misconception.

If you’ve found yourself wondering “Is my husband a sociopath?” if he has introverted tastes, doesn’t engage in social norms and prefers to be left alone, he isn’t. He’s just asocial.

If you find your husband has little regard for the feelings of others, is manipulative, and is able to hide it well to the point that he seems charming, likable, and articulate to everyone instead, you might have a sociopath on your hands.

Is my husband a narcissistic sociopath? See how many of these apply to you:

Are you losing your mind wondering why you seem to be wrong all the time while your mental health gets worse and worse?

Are you being perpetually guilted into doing things you don’t want to to do, while you feel dismissed, discounted and treated as delusional?

Maybe you’re finding yourself grow more and more dependent on the very person that hurts you, and you have absolutely no idea what to do about it and feel irreversibly stuck in a bad situation.

Is My Husband a Sociopath

So, is my husband a sociopath or not?

While bad relationships are horrible experiences, what differentiates them from being married to a sociopath husband is that they persistently take advantage of your weak points. They are very charming on a superficial layer, yet use complex methods to get their way behind closed doors. If you find yourself asking, “How to know if my husband is a narcissistic sociopath” odds, are, you might be in the presence of one.

Even asking that question reveals plenty, and your gut instinct can be astonishingly perceptive.

How to know if my husband is a narcissistic sociopath? What are the signs?
A sociopath husband frequently love-bombs you with charisma and charm when they meet you.

Once they hook you in, their true personality turns out to be very, very different than what they first advertised.

A sociopath husband frequently puts you in many damned if you do, damned if you don’t situations where either of your choices get criticized. You find yourself unable to do basic decision making because you’re afraid of doing the wrong thing and all decisions get you punished.

A sociopath husband strategically lies to keep you on eggshells. You perpetually question your own sense of judgment.

By making up blatant lies, denying they ever said the lies despite proof, they make you question your understanding of events and confuse your very sanity.

Is My Husband a Narcissistic Sociopath
A sociopath husband wears you down over time, and then strategically attack the things you hold dear.

In an argument, if they want to control and change your behavior, they attack the things you hold dearest so you will comply with their wishes.

A sociopath husband isolates you by not allowing you to go out with friends or family, and then feeds you information designed to produce a result they want.

By keeping you at their mercy, they can dictate who you hate and who you like, and what people are doing.

All this is done to fabricate a reality specifically engineered to get reactions out of you, and to condition you into the way of thinking they want.

A sociopath husband confuses you by doing and saying the opposite things, They never give you a consistent grasp of events so that you never have the information on your side to make the right decisions.

If you are confused, you are docile and willing to submit to whatever reality the sociopath offers you, which is always to their profit and to your loss.

How to Deal with a Sociopath Husband?

If you find that a lot of the above apply to your husband, seek out professional therapists, counselors and psychologists in your area.

You will need assistance to understand your personal situation and problems to formulate a plan of escape.

You only live once, don't be afraid of, at the very least, airing out your grievances to a counselor so they can assess your situation. If you find yourself miserable anyway, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by seeking help.


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