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Is People Finders Legit? Is People Finders a Scam? People Finders Review!

by Maria S.

Is People Finders Legit, Is People Finders a Scam, People Finders Review

Is People Finders a Scam? Find Out with Our PeopleFinders Review!

Access to public records has made it possible for people to find accurate information about every person in their lives, and discover if certain individuals are dishonest with them. Getting access to public records independently requires contacting authorities, paying for a public records search, and waiting to get results, which is why websites like were launched. The public records search service is available 24/7 and it provides quick access to public records. The services are not free of charge, which always begs the question – is the website legitimate or is it a scam? Is people finders legit? Find out right here.

People Finders

What is

People Finders is a public records search engine that provides users with access to more than 43 billion public records from more than 6,000 resources. The queries on are instant, meaning that you can find information within minutes, without having to wait. 

Aside from "regular" public records search services, People Finders also provides information to professionals, such as law firms, real estate agents, investigators, and others. provides basic services free of charge for users who want to find basic data, like contact information. However, to get access to in-depth public records, users must have a membership on the website. Membership Prices

People Finders users can choose between several membership plans, each of which provides different type of access to public records:

Single people search – if you do not want to purchase a membership for, you can choose to perform a single search. The cost of a single search on the website is $1.95.

Single background check report – a background check report contains information about people that includes contact data, criminal records, full name, marriage records, divorce records, and more. The cost of one, full background check report on People Finders is $19.95.

Unlimited people search membership – this type of membership provides unlimited searches for the price of one membership. So, users can track down information about any person they want without having to pay for each search. The unlimited people search membership costs $14.95 for the first month, and $24.95 thereafter.

Unlimited background check membership – if you want to conduct more than one background check per month, you can get an unlimited background check membership on This kind of membership on People Finders costs $19.95 for the first month and $29.95/month thereafter.

People Finders Services and Search Engines provides several public records' search services that you can choose from, and these are the website's main directories:

People search – the name-based search engine provides users with information about people based on their first name and last name. The service can help you track down family members, classmates, army buddies, or other individuals you are no longer in touch with. With the people search directory, users can discover individuals' contact information and get in touch with them when necessary.

Address search – the address search directory provides information about addresses and neighborhoods in the United States, which is especially important for those who want to move into a new home. Once users enter an address of interest, the search engine begins to scan public records and census data about the said area; the data provided in the address search report includes home prices, schools in the area, taxes in the address area, and more.

Address data

Background check – this is an in-depth people search service that provides data about people's past. After users provide the first name and the last name of a person of interest, the search engine begins to scan the said person's public records. The final report provided by includes contact information, aliases, arrest records, criminal records, and much more.

Criminal records search – People Finders provides detailed criminal records' data, such as convictions, mugshots, arrest, and additional information about people's criminal past.

Reverse phone number search – a popular service that provides information about people based on their contact information. Once a user enters a phone number into the search directory on People Finders, the site scans public records and compiles a report about them, like their name. Users can use the service to find information about people who are calling them, whether its known phone numbers or unknown phone numbers. The reverse phone number search can help discover if individuals provided truthful information about themselves or if they have lied. Also, the service can help people discover who is calling them from unknown phone numbers and whether such calls are scam calls.

Peoplefinders Reviews

So, what do users who have tried People Finder's services think about the website? Here are some Peoplefinders reviews from those who have tried out the website:

"Customer service was very helpful and very respectful to my needs and my wants to appreciate it very much"

People search

"I called to cancel my subscription, and Rikki the representative who assisted me, was very professional, she helped me with canceling my account in just a couple of minutes! She was very friendly and pleasant to speak to! Thank you!"

"I've been using this service for over 5 years, and it's helped me a great deal. My two biggest complaints, are that it isn't very compatible with Google Chrome (and I hate Internet Explorer) and because there is so much information of people and addresses, but not in chronological order, you sometimes wade thru a lot of old information to get to the new. I even find cellphone information which is a plus these days. In my opinion, for what I use it for, it is usually worth the $24.95 I pay."

Is People Finders Legit?

The bottom line with People Finders is yes – the website is legitimate, and users are overall satisfied with its services. The website is not a scam, and it has one of the lowest membership fees for people search services. One complaint about the website is that does not provide work history information or social media data. If you are looking for a website that provides contact information, background checks, and people's names, you can use people finders – it is legit.


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