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Is People Looker Legit? Is People Looker a Scam? People Looker Review!

by Maria D.

Is People LookerLegit, Is People Looker a Scam, People Looker Review

Is People Looker a Scam? We Review!

People Looker Costs? How Much Does People Looker Cost and What Type of Memberships are there? 

Like most background check websites, People Looker is a paid service using a subscription-based sales model. The platform currently offers two types of subscription plans. 

Monthly – The cost is $18.28 every month when purchasing a month by month plan. With this option, you get unlimited reports, property look-ups, unlimited sex offender searches, criminal records, and email and phone look-ups.

Three-month plan – The plan costs $14.62 per month. It’s important to note that you’ll be charged a lump sum for three months. This is why it’s cheaper than the monthly plan. This plan includes everything in the monthly plan. 

People Looker does not offer a free trial, however, you can purchase 5 days of access for 1 dollar. You can then gauge if People Looker is the right platform for you. After choosing a payment plan, you’ll need to select your preferred payment plan. PeopleLooker accepts credit cards, PayPal or debit cards.

Is People Looker Legit

Is People Looker Legit

People Looker is just one of the background check services currently available on the world wide web. Some of the background check sites one comes across online are scams and it is important to make sure the service you are using is secure and trustworthy. Is People Looker Legit?  

People Looker is a reliable and trustworthy resource. While the accuracy of search results will always depend on the records available online, this is true for all background search sites. People Looker aggregates millions of public records, so if those records are accurate, your results will be as well. 

People Looker App

People Looker offers a mobile application for both Android and iOS, so no matter which device you are using, and wherever you may be, reports are always accessible with an internet connection. Both applications are free for download and are available via a link on their website or by searching the app store on any device.

People Looker App

What are People Looker Features?

People Looker offers a number of useful features that come with purchasing a subscription. They include: 

Email Search- If you are receiving emails from a stranger, and want to know who the person behind the email is you can perform a simple email search to find them. By running a People Looker Email Search, you may be able to find out the owner’s name, phone number, social media profile, job history, education history, and even find pictures if available

People Lookup- This feature allows you to search a query by name by running a search of public records and social media profiles associated with the person’s name. People Looker searches through several databased to build a report of comprehensive information which may include current and past addresses, phone numbers, criminal records, property records, social media accounts, relatives, professional information, and court records. 

Phone Number Search- If you are getting calls from an unknown number, and want to know who it is that is calling you, People Looker offers a phone number search to reveal this person’s details. With the search, you may be able to find out the name, location, age, criminal history and social media profile of the person who is calling or texting you. 

People Looker Features

Property Search- If there is suspected criminal activity happening at a neighbors property, if you are interested in purchasing a home, or if you merely want to know who lives at a certain address, People Looker’s property search can provide you with valuable information based on just the address of the property. The results of a property search can include the name of current and previous owners, number of rooms, square footage, deeds and more.  

Additionally, People Looker keeps you up to date with the most recent information possible by tracking your searches. This means that if new information arises at any point after you run a search, you will be alerted with this new information. 

Where is People Looker Location? People Looker Phone Number, People Looker Email, People Looker Company Information 

People Looker is headquartered in New York, the listed phone number is 1-800-218-3309. You can also contact customer service by email as well at 

Is People Looker anonymous? Does People Looker Notify the Person? 

When anyone begins a background check on anyone, the natural question that arises is will this person be notified that a search has been run on them, and if so, will they know who ran the search? Is PeopleLooker anonymous? or does People Looker notify the person that they are being searched? The answer is that People Looker is completely anonymous and will inform nobody of them being searched on the system. 

Is People Looker anonymous

How Long has People Looker Been Providing Services 

People Looker is a sister-site of another website called Been Verified. Based in New York, BeenVerified has been active. Since 2009. People Looker itself has been providing services for over three years since February 2016. 

How to Cancel People Looker? 

People Looker allows you to cancel your account at any time. This can be in several ways. The first is by contacting customer service at 1-800-218-3309. You can also email, or using the People Looker contact form. In order to cancel you need to have your 9-digit member ID handy, which is located on the right-hand side of the Dashboard of your PeopleLooker account and in your New Member Welcome email. After your account is canceled, you will receive a cancellation confirmation email. Your login information will remain the same if you wish to re-activate your subscription. 

How to Opt-Out of People Looker, We Explain!

People Looker provides an and easy way to remove your information from People Search results if you don’t want your information shared. In order to do so, you need to perform a search of yourself in the database, select your record, and verify your request to opt-out by clicking on the link in our verification email. After you verify, PeopleLooker will send you an email confirming that the record you selected has been opted out and will instruct their data partners not to return the record in future People Search results. 

You do not need to be a member of PeopleLooker to use the opt-out feature. 

What are some other sites like People Looker? 

If PeopleLooker is not for you, several other sites are similar but have different features and price plans. 


CheckPeople was founded to help people make informed decisions and easily locate public records and criminal records, with one, easy-to-use platform. CheckPeople believes that everyone has the right to be informed about public and criminal records, without having to spend an inordinate amount of time looking through phone books, going to courthouses, or doing endless internet searches. CheckPeople also hosts a blog publishing articles relating to background searches and the reasons why one may need to run a search. 


CheckPeople works on a subscription basis, allowing unlimited searches for $27.65 per month. Using CheckPeople allows access to a People Search Directory, Reverse Phone Lookups, Public Record Searches. 


TruthFinder is a trusted background checking service. The online site provides people with an easy way to look up public records online. TruthFinder scans hundreds of millions of available public records, social network data, and more to provide its users with a complete report about the person you want to find. The site specializes in finding criminal, police and arrest records. 


When purchasing a monthly subscription for 30 dollars a month TruthFinder offers a People Search, Background Check, Criminal Records, Public Records, Address Lookup, Reverse Phone Lookup, Phone Book, Dark Web Scan, and Family Tree tool. 


GoLookUp is perhaps the most expansive of online background check sites that specialize in deep data extraction. GoLookUp’s main goal is to provide all its customers with the most up to date, relevant data for every search they perform. With a monthly membership starting at 23 dollars, users can perform unlimited searches on the platform using their account. In terms of search options, GoLookUp offers almost everything every competitor offers and more. Customers can look into a person’s phone numbers, contact information, background, criminal records, traffic citation, address history, marriage divorce records, social media activity, and arrest records. 


GoLookUp has particularly excelled in aggregating a large amount of information into its database from a pool of millions of public records. This results in their background checks being highly thorough and accurate.


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