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Is Spokeo Legit? Is Spokeo a Scam? Spokeo Review!

by Robert C.

Spokeo Cost, Is Spokeo Legit, Spokeo App Review! Is Spokeo a Scam? Find Out Right Here! 

People search engines have been around for more than a decade, and they allow their users to find accurate information about people from all over the country. There are several people search engines nowadays, Spokeo being one of them, and they provide quick access to public records that contain personal information about individuals. The nature of such websites raises a question about their legitimacy, and Spokeo is no different. If you are considering using a background check service, the following review will help you decide whether to use Spokeo, and we will answer the question – is Spokeo legit?

Spokeo Cost

Spokeo Costs

The Spokeo costs for memberships provide an unlimited search service that users can use to find information about others. There are two membership plans available, and you can register or opt-out of the services at any time. The Spokeo costs for the membership plans are as follows:

  • One-month membership - $13.95/month
  • Three-month membership - $$7.95/month

Where is Spokeo Location? How Long has Spokeo Been Providing Services?

Spokeo was founded in 2006, and it started as a social network aggregator. It then evolved into a social search engine in 2008, and the website's search engine was launched in 2010. Spokeo's headquarters are located in Pasadena, California, and the website has more than 20 million monthly visitors.

Is spokeo Legit?

The Spokeo database includes more than 12 billion public records that include the following:

  • 130 Million Property Records
  • 6 Billion Consumer Records
  • 9 Billion Historical Records
  • 600 Million Court Records
  • 89 Million Business Records
  • 120+ Social Networks

What are the Spokeo Features?

Spokeo offers several public records search services for all members. The website's main services are:

Name search – Spokeo's name search, also known as a people search, is a name-based directory that provides information about people from all across America. If you want to find data about a person you know or do not know very well, you can use the website's name search engine. To perform the search, you need to enter the full name of the person in question into the directory, and that is it. The website will aggregate data from public records into a report. Then, you will get information about the said person, like their full name., birth records, marriage records, contact information, criminal records, and much more.

Is Spokeo Anonymous

Email search – much like with the name search, the Spokeo email search allows users to get information about people based on an identifying detail, and in this case, their email address. The search allows finding information about anonymous email numbers as well as known email numbers. The service helps discover which email addresses are spam and which ones are legitimate. The service also provides information about people, like their, Full Name, Age, Relatives, Digital Footprint, Social Accounts, Dating Profiles, Photos, Contact Info, Location, Phone Numbers, Secondary Emails, Personal Details, Estimated Income, Property Ownership, Interests, and more.

Phone number search – phone numbers are connected to personal public records, so a phone number can provide a lot of information about people. Many people use the Spokeo phone number search to find accurate information about others, like people they meet online. The service backtracks data and collects it into a report.

After the reverse phone search provides information from public records that includes the personal details of the phone number's owner, like their name, contact information, social media accounts, current and past addresses, age, and more. Like with the email search, the phone number tracking service allows users to find out if someone who is calling them is a scammer, and also get more information about familiar phone numbers. For example, if you are planning to meet someone you met in an online dating site, you can find out if they are married, if they gave you a false name, if they were honest about their ages, etc.

Spokeo features, spokeo pricing

Address search – an address search provides residential information about particular addresses, which allows people to find data about neighborhoods and those who reside in them. The research will help find out which neighborhoods have high crime rates, sex offenders, the names of neighbors, and more. With Spokeo, users can perform a quick address search by entering any U.S. address. According to the website, the search provides the following information: Current Residents, Past Residents, Property Owner History, Owner's Details, Name, Age, Location History, Contact Info, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, Social Profiles, Property Details, Property Statistics, Home Value, History, Neighborhood Info, Sex Offenders, Crime Rate, and Safety Statistics.

Spokeo App

As of now, the Spokeo app is available only on Play Google, but the version is downloadable also in iOS devices. The Spokeo app provides all the services that the website provides, so users can log in to their account/create a new account to perform public records' searches. The app also provides a call-block service that allows users to block spam phone numbers or other unwanted numbers.

spokeo app

How to Opt Out of Spokeo?

The information that Spokeo provides is public, but not everyone wants to have their personal data available to others. That is why you have a Spokeo opt out service that allows you to delete your personal information for the website and prevent others from getting their hands on it. If you want to use the Spokeo opt out service, you need to follow these steps carefully, and at the end, check if your information was indeed deleted:

1. Go to, and type in your full name in the search box, for example, "John Smith". Also, type in the name of your city and state of current residence. Then click on the "Search" tab to track down your personal information.
2. After you provide your personal information, Spokeo will scan your public records and generate a list of your results. Once it's done, search the list of the results for your personal listing. Click on your listing – this will open public records' data so you will be able to view more information. You have to keep in mind that there will be more than one listing to your name because public records contain a great deal of information.

Spokeo Opt Out

2. To view the data in each listing, you will be required to pay for the "Full Results". Either way, you need to copy the URL of your pages' listing – do so by clicking in the web address bar, highlighting the URL text, and finish by clicking on the "copy" from the click menu on the right side of your mouse.

Spokeo Opt Out

3. Afterward, open a new browser window or tab, and go to the Spokeo opt out page. Scroll down the Spokeo opt out page and fill out the required information in the necessary fields. 
Paste the URL address of your listing by clicking "paste" on the right side of your mouse.

Spokeo Opt Out4. Type in your email address so that Spokeo will send you a confirmation email. The email will contain a link that you need to click on to confirm the removal of your listing. Enter the CAPTCHA code when you are asked to do so.

5. Click on the "Remove the listing" tab. Afterward, you will get a message saying " Please check your email for further instructions.”

How to Opt Out of Spokeo

6. Go to the email address you provided in the previous steps – you will see an email from Spokeo. Click on "click here" – by doing so, you will be confirming the removal of your listing.

How to Opt Out of Spokeo

7. After completing all of the above steps, your listing information will be removed from The removal can be immediate or it can take up to 24 hours.

To remove other listings registered to your name, you need to repeat steps 1-7 for previous addresses you lived in. One important thing that you need to keep in mind is that allows only 5 removal requests for every IP address and email address. If you get a message that says “In order to prevent abuse, we must limit the frequency of automated privacy requests,” you can use to generate an email address. You can also use a free proxy server to generate new IP addresses and access Spokeo’s privacy page and remove more listing on your name.

Keep in mind that public records get updated, so you will need to check your listings from time to time if you want them removed.

Is Spokeo Legit? Or is Spokeo a Scam?

If you are wondering is Spokeo a scam, the answer is no – Spokeo is not a scam, and it is one of the most well-known background checks and people search websites. The services all provide quick reports, so users can get the information they need in no time at all, both with the online version and the Spokeo app version. Those who want to opt-out of the service can do so at any time, so to sum up – Spokeo is legitimate. 

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