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Is White Pages Legit? Is White Pages a Scam? White Pages Review!

by Maria S.

Is White Pages Legit, Is White Pages a Scam, White Pages Review

Is White Pages Legit? Or is  White Pages a Scam? We Review!

With millions of people on social media websites, it seems that people can find information about others in no time at all. By typing in the name of a person into a search engine or a social media website, people can find photos, the marital status, the employment status, and other information about people. However, is that information accurate? Do people write the truth about themselves on social media and similar websites? The answer is of course NO.

When people provide information about themselves, many of them either embellish the truth or lie completely. So, how can one find data about people without having to worry it might be a lie? That is where websites like WhitePages come in. The people search site provides public records information, and with 35 million monthly users, it is one of the most popular background check sites today. But, is WhitePages legit? Or is it a scam? Find out with our WhitePages review!

White Pages

How Much Does White Pages Cost and What Type of Memberships are there with the service! 

WhitePages costs divide based on several membership plans, and these are the membership plans the website offers:

  • Basic contact info – a free of charge service that provides basic information about people - Landline numbers, Current address, Previous cities of residence, Relatives, and Associates.
  • Premium Membership – $4.99/month for 20 reports a month or $19.99/month for 200 reports a month. The ad-free service provides members with advanced background check information about people, like their contact information, criminal records, residential information, and more. This type of premium WhitePages membership can be canceled at any time, and it comes with a money-back guarantee.
  • Background check report – for $9.99, WhitePages users can get a full background check report about people that contain impartial and accurate information about the people they search for.
  • White Pages also offers a $1, 5-day trial membership that allows users to perform 5 person, address, or phone number lookups.
How Much Does White Pages Cost

Where is White Pages Location, White Pages Phone Number, White Pages, Email, People Looker Company Information?

WhitePages was founded in 1997 to help small businesses and individuals contact people. The company's headquarters are located in Seattle, Washington, US, and it has branches worldwide.

WhitePages users can contact the customer support service in several different ways in case there are problems with the website's services:

WhitePages email -

Phone number – premium customers can contact the WhitePages customer support service via the phone number that is provided with their membership.

Another way to ask a question or ask about various issues is by submitting a ticket through the link right HERE.

Where is White Pages Location

What are White Pages Features?

White Pages provides a great deal of information about people, including Cell phone numbers, Background checks, Criminal records, Addresses, Relatives, Landline numbers, Age, Traffic records, Scam/fraud ratings, Financial records, Business details, Lien records, Email addresses, Professional licenses, Maiden names, Property details, Search statistics, and Carrier information. There are four main search directories on WhitePages that users can use to find the information listed above:

  • People search – this service allows users to find data about people based on their full name and address.
  • Reverse phone search – by entering a phone number into the search field, users can find out who is the person behind a certain phone number. Thanks to this service people can find out who is calling them from unknown phone numbers, or find information about people who call from known numbers. For instance, if you met someone on an online dating website, you can find out if they are married by using the WhitePages reverse phone number search.
  • Reverse address search – the White Pages reverse address search can reveal information about addresses from all across the U.S., like home values, registered sex offenders who live nearby, crime rates, and more residential information.
  • Business search – an advanced business search that allows users to find information about businesses, like their contact information, location, ratings, and more.
White Pages Features

White Pages App

If you need to use WhitePage's services while traveling or when you are not near a computer, you can download the WhitePages app for Android or iOS devices. The download is free, and the apps provide all the services the website provides, just in a compatible version to mobile devices.

To download WhitePages app for Android click HERE

To download WhitePages app for iOS click HERE

Is White Pages anonymous? Does White Pages Notify the Person? 

Generally speaking, yes, White Pages is anonymous. However, if you give the directory permission to use your data, you will pop up in searches occasionally. One of the WhitePages premium features is to get access to the website's user data. If users give the website permission to send them periodic updates, they will get monthly emails that include search records that inform that "someone" searched for them. So, you and other users will be able to find out if someone searched for your data.

How to Cancel White Pages?

Users who want to cancel their WhitePages subscription, they can do so by contacting the website's customer support service. Then, the subscription and subsequent payments will be canceled.

Is WhitePages Legit? Is WhitePages a Scam?

Some people who run into WhitePages for the first time suspect that the website is a scam, which is understandable, but that is not the case; White Pages has been around for more than two decades, and it is one of the oldest background check websites these days. The website explains everything users need to know before signing up, so there are no small prints they are trying to hide. The bottom line is that WhitePages is not a scam, and new users can use it whenever they want.

Is WhitePages Legit

How to Opt Out of White Pages? we Explain!

If you want to have your personal information removed from WhitePages, you can do so with the WhitePages opt out service. The White Pages opt out service can sound a little tricky, but if you follow these steps carefully, you will have no trouble at all:

  • Go to and type in your name into the search field. Then, copy the URLs of all your listings. Be careful with this step – there are likely people with the same name as you, so you need to make sure you do not remove your information.
  • Sign up for a WhitePages account – this is mandatory if you want to complete the WhitePages opt out process. To sign up, all you need to do is provide a valid email address. If you don't want to use your personal email address, you can provide a temporary email from one of the websites that produce temporary addresses.
  • After you have a valid email account, you need to go to the WhitePages home page and click on "Remove from Directory". You can find it in the footer, under the "Your WhitePages" tab. Then, you will be redirected to a new screen – "opt out".
  • Paste the listing you want to remove in the URL. Confirm the removal of the listing by clicking on “Remove this info from Whitepages.”
  • Then, you will have to verify the removal through an automated call. You can provide the number in the listing or your current phone number. Click on “Call now to Verify,” and wait for the automated call. When the call comes in, press 1 to verify the removal or 2 to cancel the process.
How to Opt Out of White Pages

This WhitePages opt out process will remove you from free searches, but the website's premium members will still be able to view your personal data. To remove your information for WhitePages premium members as well, you need to put in a request via the support ticket.

  • To do so, go to the Whitepages Premium help page and click on the HELP button on the right.
  • Then, click on “Information Removal Request” in the “Support Request Type” menu.
  • Fill in the required information (your first name, middle initial, last name, city, state, and listing URL). That is it. The removal process will take about 72 business hours.

What are some other sites like White Pages?

Aside from WhitePages, you can use similar websites to find information about people. There are several background check sites available to you, and you can choose between them based on their prices and the services they provide. To learn more about websites similar to White Pages, click on the links below:

Credible and accurate information about people is hard to find, especially considering the fact that many people can write whatever they want about themselves in social media sites and other websites. So, the best way to find reliable information about people in your life is to use public records search sites, like WhitePages, that provide data from official sources. You can try out the service for free and decide if you want to be a paying member to get data about the people you meet.


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