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Free iTunes Alternatives for Syncing Music

by Eddie V.

iTunes Alternatives, iTunes Alternatives for Syncing Music

Sync Music Easily with these iTunes Alternatives

Many people incorrectly assume that the only way to sync music to their iPhone, iPad or iPod is to have iTunes installed on their computer. However, this isn’t true as you will see. There are plenty of alternatives to Apple’s software to manage and transfer the music you’ve purchased from Apple’s iTunes Store. Let’s take a look at some of them.

iTunes Alternatives

AmarokYou can use Amarok on Windows, Linux, Unix, and macOS. It’s a fantastic alternative for an iDevice. You can use Amarok to sync your existing music library to your Apple device as well as find new music by using its integrated Web services.

Services such as Jamendo, Magnatune, and can all be accessed easily from Amarok’s interface. There are other integrated Web services available on Amarok such as Libravox and OPML Podcast Directory. These Web services make Amarok a powerful software program.


MusicBee MusicBee boasts of an impressive amount of tools to manipulate your music library. If you’re in the market for an iTunes replacement which has an excellent interface and also offers more features than Apple’s software, MusicBee is for you.

Some of MusicBee’s best features are extensive metadata tagging, a built-in Internet browser, audio format-conversion tools, sync on the go and secure CD ripping. MusicBee also offers plenty of features useful for the Web. The software offers built-in player support scrobbling to In addition to this, you can even use the Auto-DJ feature to find and create playlists based on your listening preferences.


Winamp This is a name that is familiar to many. Winamp was first released in 1997 and is a full-featured media player. Winamp versions 5.2 and up support synchronizing DRM-free media to iOS devices. If you want an easy way to move your iTunes library to an Android smartphone, you can use Winamp for Android to do so.

The full version of Winamp is completely free and has plenty of other features to keep you hooked and satisfied. While Winamp hasn’t been supported for a while, it’s still an excellent iTunes replacement.


Foobar2000 If you’re looking for something very lightweight, Foobar2000. While the software is lightweight, it’s quite powerful. You can use Foobar2000 on Windows as well as Mac.

Foobar2000 supports plenty of audio formats and can also be used to sync music. However, this only works on older Apple devices which use iOS5 or lower. Foobar2000's feature list can be expanded with all of the optional add-on components available.


ECOUTE ECOUTE is another lightweight media player with an excellent interface. ECOUTE automatically detects and imports your iTunes library and also gives you notifications through an always-on-top widget. You can even link your Facebook, Twitter and accounts to ECOUTE.


MediaMonkey Standard MediaMonkey is a free music manager which can be used to take care of large digital music collections. Non-Apple MP3 players, iOS devices and even PMPs are supported. The free version comes with plenty of powerful tools to organize your music collection.

You can even use MediaMonkey to automatically tag music files, rip music CDs, burn discs, add album art as well as convert audio formats.

MediaMonkey Standard

There are plenty of other free iTunes alternatives for syncing music. Try the ones mentioned above first before moving on to other ones. Don’t just try one and call it a day. Try all of them as all of them are quite different from each other. You might like one for its features but hate the interface and vice-versa. This is why it’s important to try all of them so that you can find one which works for you.

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