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iTunes Genius: Here is how to setup iTunes Genius in the Best Way

by Robert K.

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How to Set Up iTunes Genius

Apple’s iTunes Genius is one of the most unique playlist building and management features that any music application or device provides. First unveiled in 2008, the iTunes Genius takes the collection of music and the user’s listening habits as input data, combines it with similar listening habits of other iTunes users and suggests new tracks and playlists to its users. The iTunes Genius not only allows music enthusiasts to come across new music, but also creates custom playlists from the tracks already present on the device.

The Apple iOS present in iPods and iPhones collects user data from time to time. Interaction patterns with the device, various online behaviors and music habits are recorded by Apple in order to continuously customize the services provided by various applications and Apple services. The various kinds of datasets collected by iTunes Genius are the songs present in the library, any kind of purchases made through iTunes, media uploaded from other sources and other information related to the music files. The information that is collected by Apple is stored in an anonymous fashion and user privacy is compromised in no way. Upon activating the iTunes Genius feature, this stored information along with other datasets is used to provide customized playlists and music recommendations as the output. So, one can see that there are three basic functions associated with iTunes Genius-

  • Creating personalized playlists from the songs stored in iTunes library
  • Providing recommendations on music and other forms of media and products that the user might be interested in.
  • Provide recommendations to other users on products and services based on the current user’s activities.

In order to use the Genius feature, the feature must first be activated on Genius enabled Apple devices. The user must then sync their iTunes library with the Genius feature after it has been enabled on the iTunes application. The feature is available on almost all Apple devices today.

itunes genius set up

Setting up Genius on iTunes

For setting up iTunes Genius on their devices, the users must first ensure that they have the latest version of the iTunes software installed on their system. Genius only works for versions of iTunes 8 and higher. After the iTunes application has been updated to the latest version, the user needs to launch the application and open up the File menu. Within this drop-down menu, the Library menu can be located. Inside the Library, there is an option that says "Turn On Genius." Once this is clicked, the user is prompted to either sign in or create an Apple ID.  The user must agree to the terms and conditions provided by Apple, and the Genius feature is then ready for use. IN the previous versions of iTunes, the user had to manually customize the set up the Genius feature providing data about music library and listening habits. While this still happens in the newer versions of iTunes, the tasks are mostly automated and run in the background. The basic steps that the iTunes Genius follows are mentioned below.

  • Collecting information from iTunes Library- The Genius feature not only collected data from the user’s iTunes library but also connects data from other users who have a similar collection of songs and listening habit.
  • Sending the information to Apple- The information that is collected is sent back to Apple for processing and for identifying patterns relevant to each user.
  • Delivering output on the Genius Platform- The Genius finally delivers the result in the form of customized playlists and song recommendations similar to the tastes of the user that the Apple software believes to be within the user’s preferences.



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