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Jackpot Party Casino: Slot Machines & Casino Games

by Angelina S.

Jackpot Party Casino, Jackpot Party Casino Review

Jackpot Party Casino Info and Games

Online casino gambling has become one of the most popular pastime games for people from all over the world, and one of the most popular casino games is slots. Online gambling websites boast a lot of slot machine games you can play for free or for money, and social gambling websites have mostly these types of games. Jackpot Party Casino is probably familiar to you from Facebook, and if not – it's time to get familiar with the popular slots game.

Jackpot Party Casino Overview

Jackpot Party Casino is a free-to-play operator that offers players plenty of slots machine games they can choose from. Players can access the games from their Facebook accounts and play them from their PC or mobile phones/devices. The game app is similar to other social gambling apps in its features; if you want to advance in the game, you need to play more of it. Once you start playing and advancing in the games, you will unlock more games. If you get stuck without play money, you can buy some if you want to keep playing.

In Jackpot Party Casino you have a great variety of slot games to choose from, including classic live machines that are a fan-favorite.

Jackpot Party Casino

Jackpot Party Casino Games and Advancement

The first thing you'll notice when you go on the Jackpot Party Casino website is the colorful and life-like design of the machines. The bold colors will instantly appeal to online gaming lovers who love to play games that are well-designed. The experienced brick-and-mortar slots designers WMS and Bally have launched over 70 games on Jackpot Party Casino, like the popular Playboy, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan, Titanic, Jungle Wild, Flintstones, Kronos: Father of Zeus, Monopoly Party Train, Fortunes of the Caribbean, Dragon Spin, Smooth Criminal, Neptune’s Quest, Clue, Reel Rich Devil, and many more.

Like other social gambling games, you need to play as much as you can to get more points and advance in the games you play. When you play high-risk spins and slots, you will gain more points and more experience in the games on Jackpot Party Casino. The higher the risk, the higher the reward. As you advance on the levels, you will be able to play new games and unlock slots that you can only unlock when you have the necessary experience.

Unlocking more plays and games don't have to do just with experience on Jackpot Party Casino; you can also move forward in the certain games by getting to a win meter. As you progress, win, and hit win meters, you will be able to open up more slot machines. So, you will get to play even more Jackpot Party Casino games. Your progression in the games depends on how much you play and how much you pay in each game.  

Jackpot Party Casino Review

It may take some time, but as you advance and unlock more opportunities, you will end up getting to some of the best games offered by Jackpot Party Casino. So, the biggest reward is getting to play these games, which is a nice twist compared to other online casino websites.

Playing Jackpot Party Casino

To start playing Jackpot Party Casino, you need credits. To start you off, the game provides you with a lot of credits; instant bonuses worth hundreds of thousands, several million credits, and other perks depending on the game you play. Also, you will get millions of bonus points every day you plus and additional rewards depending on your progression.

If you play well, you can earn millions of credits you can play with. However, if you're not so lucky, you will need to buy credits to continue playing. If you play low stakes, you will be able to keep the credits for long. But, if you like the thrills of high stakes, you may end up losing all your credits. If you want to buy additional credits, you can do so in the following fees:

  • Six Million: $5
  • 14 Million: $10
  • 40 Million: $20
  • 120 Million: $50
  • 400 Million: $100
  • Two Billion: $250

A lot of people think that if they spend money, the will earn some back, like with real gambling, but this is not true; the microtransactions on Jackpot Party Casino will buy you credits to continue playing. During no point are you able to earn real money in the game, so keep that in mind when you play.

Jackpot Party Casino Facebook,

If you want to earn credits and perks without paying for them, you can use the Reward Lounge on Jackpot Party Casino. These perks can only be gained if you are a part of the loyalty program, meaning if you play a lot. As you move forward in the games, you will get statuses based on your achievements; you will start with a Silver Status and move forward to Gold, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, and Diamond status. You can reach the next tier by the end of each month, and if not, your points will be reset. When you reach a certain tier, you will stay there, and you will be able to level up each month.

The bottom line with Jackpot Party Casino is that it's fun, well designed, and potentially addictive. Every game you play can lead you to more popular games, and the more you play, the more you advance. The social casino is a great pass time, and you can play it from anywhere you want it thanks to the Jackpot Party Casino Facebook game and Jackpot Party Casino app.


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