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Inmate Mugshots and Inmate Processing

by Ciara C.

Inmate Mugshots, Jail and Arrest Information

Jail, Prison and Inmate Processing Information

As of today, there approximately 2.3 million in the United States who are all places in different facilities across the country. The inmates in the country are all placed in different facilities based on the crimes they committed and the sentence they were given. The inmate processing in the United States is very important, and now you can learn about prison arrests, inmate processing and how to check arrest records of people you want to track down in the prison correction system.

How are Inmates Processed?

There are several security levels in the U.S., and each inmate that got a sentence is placed in a facility based on the courts ruling. The four security levels in U.S. prisons are minimum security, medium security, medium security, and high-level security.

Inmate Mugshots

Once inmates are processed, they are sent to prison for the duration of their sentence. The next step in prison processing is prison placement that allows placing inmates in the most suitable facility for their rehabilitation. There are several factors that affect inmate placement, and they are:

  • The inmate's security rating
  • The risk the inmate possesses to his or other people's welfare
  • The programs the facility offers as part of the rehabilitation process
  • Arrest records and other relating incarceration histories
  • Alcohol and drug treatment
  • Family history and any relating family issues

Hierarchy in Jails and Prisons in the United States

In the jail and prison hierarchy system, prisons are considered to be at the top of the chain. The main difference between the two is the duration of incarceration. When a sheriff or another law official makes an arrest, the person who was arrested is taken to jail until their sentencing. Jails are run by sheriffs or other officials, based on the county they are located in, and the inmates inside them are those who got up to a year's sentence, or those who are awaiting trial.

Prisons, on the other hand, are facilities where inmates who have gotten a sentence of more than a year are sent to. Prisons in the United States are run by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) or by state governments. There are several types of programs offered by prisons, such as work release programs, halfway houses, community restitution centers, and more. Inmates in prisons are those who have been found guilty of serious crimes, and those how to have a sentence longer than a year.

Jail and Arrest Information

Finding Jails and Arrest Information

If you need to view arrest records to track down a certain inmate or find out if someone you know has a criminal record, you can find the data in public records. Many criminal records are public, so you can find them with local law enforcement agencies. Inmate mugshots are also available in public records, so you will be able to distinguish between inmates with the same name.

Arrested for the First Time

When a person gets arrest for the first time, they are placed in jail and waiting to be "bailed out". A minor felony does not include a long wait time and the person is usually released to their home. However, their arrest record is recorded and is considered public records. When someone has been convicted of a crime and been sentenced, then the story is completely different. 

Arriving at Prison for Serving a Sentence

When a convict arrives at a prison to serve their time the guards will strip them of their belongings, including clothes and anything else they may have on them. New inmates are also disinfected and go through a through inspection to ensure they are not brining anything illegal into the prison. The convict's belongings are kept in storage for their entire duration and time in prison. Convicts are not allowed to bring anything from the outside into the prison besides books, eye glasses and approved medication. 

Convicts are also known as "fish" in jails and prisons. Often times processing of new convictions can take place inside their prison cell, or in a "processing" facility within the prison, also knowing as the "fish tank". Convicts are assigned daily work which may include, laundry, janitor service, cleaning and cooking, gardening, and a variery of maintance work. Often time convicts are hired by large industrial companies such as steel companies. They are paid very little hourly rate. 

USA prison jail cell size in most cases is a 6 by 8 feet room. The cell wold have either brick or steel walls and a toilet. 

jail and arrest information

Most prisons are divided into blocks or wing sections. Each block or wing would have its own team/staff and can be completely sealed off from other parts of the prison should need to be. 

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