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John F. Kennedy: The Life and Death of the Legendary President

by Rick J.

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Everything You Need to Know about President John F. Kennedy

The 35th U.S President was JFK (John Kennedy). He was an ultimate politician in the U.S. he grew up in a great political family. JFK had nominated at the age of 43 as a president in 1960. He was running an office for Public. Also, he had to work with the United States Navy for the four years of service from 1941 to 1945. JFK had studied in Harvard College in 1940, which is the very famed college in the US and he had graduated in Bachelor of Arts in government.

Skills and development

He was the youngest man when he elected as a president. No one elected as a president at that age and JFK deserved it. He left the college within two months, but he had a very good managerial skill and influences for becoming a president.  Most of the people commonly referred his initials JFK.

JFK had the health issues when he was a young man. Hence he could not pass the physical examination for Navy. Finally, he got selected as a chop s as an officer. JFK was famed for the Deep Sea Explorer. Only president he called as Purple Heart. During the wartime, he facilitated a lot of things. Most the people commonly called as JFK.

He had published the book in 1957 called as profiles in courage, which was the well-known book and JFK awarded for his book. He had written about his navy life and helping things in life. People who rendered while hearing his speech. Normally he was a good public speaker. There are many films and books about his life. He had a large family, John and Jacqueline had their first baby.


Election and Campaign

Kennedy won the nomination for fin party. American people decided to make votes for him. People always wondered the things in his regime. He was a better president than the existing president. Media had encouraged him for his developments. In this scenario also Kennedy commands as the right president for the U.S.

Challenges of JFK

There was a crisis in 1961 in foreign affairs. Kennedy approved the 1400 CIA skilled Cuban exiles. JFK had challenged the nation to claim better leadership activities in Space. The US space platform went throughout throttle in 1961. There were a lot of spectacular achievements in space and US citizens had a huge fear in their hearts.

He recovered America many times in the recession and supported in several reforms for domestic growth. Globally, he was interested in several important events very famously the Cuban missile crisis.

He had tried out the various measures to recover the domestic economy, after that the GDP grown 2.2 % per annum at the time of his predecessor.

Power of Speech

JFK speech was very powerful, and He believed his words whenever he started to talk in public both spoken and written. JFK consistently used to choose the exact wordings for his speech. This was most admirable for US people, and globally everyone liked to hear his words.

JFK Biography

Beliefs and Arts

In the White House, he made the arts about his life smartness. Probably he loved the poetry and literature. Extremely he enjoyed the music and the visual arts also. JFK had initiated the awareness among the young generation in US citizens for developing or preventing the arts.

Business and Relationship

JFK’s relationship with the business groups for their development. He rejected the tax for the major sectors. Hence the economic growth had grown in 1963. He was well known about his decisions. Economic growth will not improve without fewer taxes.

JFK had introduced many things in the city such as waiting rooms in the bus station, Restroom, and restaurants. His speech was significant for America. There was no longer worried about missile gaps.  


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