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Justin Bieber Songs and Life Path

by Keren P.

Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber Biography

Everything You Need To Know About Justin Bieber

When you think about youngsters in music who have made their mark in the hearts of kids and adults alike, Justin Bieber may just be the person who you think of, favorably and to some unfavorably. Here are a few simple facts about the Biebs.

  • Justin Bieber is a musical prodigy. He taught himself to play the drums, guitar, trumpet, and When he was just two years old, he was playing the drums which were put up online for everyone to watch.
  • His manager Scooter Braun contacted him after watching his video uploaded by his mother on YouTube. Usher was blown away by the talent and signed him to his label. This put Justin Bieber on the top spot as he started his music career.
  • Justin has been in the news for far too many silly reasons – his relationships, tattoos, relationships, and other stories and relationships again. He does not make any bones about his love for his mom who has stood by him through everything.
  • Justin Bieber has a very strong Christian influence and always makes it a point to let people know that without his faith, nothing would have happened. He thanks God for his gifts.
Justin Bieber
  • As a wannabe singer, before signing up with Usher, he considered American Idol to display his talents. But luck was in his favor as he did not have to go through the exercise of being voted yay or nay by viewers or judges.
  • His documentary Never Say Never’ had over a million views and counting. He lets on in the documentary that haters are gonna hate, but he gets by without letting them bring him down.
  • His relationship with Selena Gomez got everyone talking about whether they would walk down the aisle together. While they were together, he took her for Valentine’s to Disney to watch Lion King which is considered to be his all-time favorite movie. Of course, The Notebook too is a fond favorite of the Bieb.
  • Kim Kardashian West and he are pretty good friends. They pretty much get each other and do not diss each other ever. He and Kourtney Kardashian had a fling which kept the two of them happy while it lasted. The Kardashian clan is fond of him, and he likes them.
  • As a mentor, Will Smith needs to be mentioned here as Justin Bieber looks up to They seem to have a lot in common which to the public may seem unlikely, but they gel well together. While Will has a career in singing, his all-time love has been acting. Guess in time, Justin will also venture down this road given his multi-talent.
Justin Bieber Biography
  • His hair in his early years was always spoken about fondly, and he auctioned it for $12000 on eBay. It ultimately sold at a whopping $40,000 where he donated the proceeds to a charity. Talking about charity, he met with a leukemia patient in Salt Lake City and was late for the event. But he did not cut short his time with the young girl.
  • Justin’s dad Jeremy who he also is very fond of was a former MMA fighter. Perhaps this is where Justin gets his fighting spirit and never say never attitude.
  • Unfortunately, Justin Bieber has many critics who speak about him in unsavory ways. When he and Haley Baldwin tied the knot, everyone scoffed. But the two of them are very much in love and keep the fires going. She is the daughter of Steven Baldwin and has taken on Bieber’s name which probably says a lot.

In Summary

Tickets to his concerts are booked well in advance. His dancing skills and ability to interact with the audience has kids screaming out his name. Many do not prescribe to his brand of music. Nevertheless, Justin Bieber does not let critics take away his spirit. He and gets on with his life, work, play, romance, and charities.


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