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14 Craziest Laws in Kansas

by Eddie V.

Craziest Laws in Kansas, Craziest Kansas Laws

Kansas Weird Laws

The Sunflower State has terrains as far as the eye can see, which is no wonder considering Kansas is as flat as can be. The beautiful and scenic state has a very interesting and rich history, but that is not the reason we have gathered here today… this article is about the weirdest laws in Kansas, and there is a fair share of them. So, what are you waiting for? Let's dive into the craziest laws in Kansas!

Weirdest Laws in Kansas

It is illegal to shoot rabbits from motorboats

Why would anyone want to shoot these furry little creatures from anywhere, we don't know, but in either case – rabbit hunting from motorboats is strictly forbidden in Kansas.

You cannot wear bees in your hat

We are not sure how one can wear a bee in their hat… or perhaps it's a toy bee? Well, never mind about that… If you enter Lawrence, Kansas, leave your bee hat at home!

It is against the law to whistle at nights

Whistling at night is kind of creepy, but Kansas took the no whistling thing pretty far with this one: "Yelling, shouting, etc. Yelling, shouting, hooting, whistling or singing on the public streets, particularly between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., or at any time or place so as to annoy or disturb the quiet, comfort or repose of persons in any office, or in any dwelling, hotel or other type of residence, or of any persons in the vicinity, is unlawful. (Code 1981, § 27-8)"

Craziest Laws in Kansasx

You cannot have a bathtub with feet that resemble animal paws

Oh man, that's our favorite kind of bathtubs!

You need to praise George Washington whenever you say his name

Yes, you are reading correctly… whenever someone mentions the name of Washington in Kansas, they must follow it up with "blessed be his name,”.

Gongs are forbidden in public places

In Kansas, it is forbidden to sound off gongs in public places. We are beginning to think that Kansas has a serious problem with different sounds.

Riding mules down Main Street is only allowed if they have straw hats

If you and your mules happen to get to Lang, you better put on a straw hat on him when strolling down Main Street.

Craziest Kansas Laws

It is illegal to carry bean snappers

If you want to prank someone or bother them, better not do it with a bean snapper. According to the Wichita ordinance, people cannot carry or use bean snappers.

You cannot use mules to hunt ducks

We are pretty sure that mules have nothing against ducks, so they would probably want to partake in duck hunting, either.

Yards must be fully weeded at all times

Better keep your yard in tip-top shape! According to this one "Weeds to be removed. It shall be unlawful for any owner, agent, lessee, tenant, or other person occupying or having charge or control of any premises to permit weeds to remain upon said premises or any area between the property lines of the said premise and the centerline of any adjacent street, alley, sidewalk, easement, right-of-way and all other area, public or private. All weeds as hereinafter defined are hereby declared a nuisance and are subject to abatement as hereinafter provided. (Ord. No. 17252, § 1, 4-14-98)"

Shaving while driving requires a permit

Those who live or visit Missouri must have a special permit if they intend to shave while driving a vehicle. A crazy Kansas law but also one that makes perfect sense.

Crazy Laws

Singing the Alphabet at night is illegal

Topeka, you definitely have one of the weirdest Kansas laws on this list! In the city, it is actually against the law to sing the Alphabet at night while on the street.

It is illegal to serve wine in teacups

Well, not teacup can hold the right amount of wine, which is a lot, so we are fully behind this law.

It is illegal to drive a car through a parade

Sec. 142-783. Driving through parades. No driver of a vehicle except a police car or other authorized emergency vehicle shall drive between the vehicles or persons comprising a parade when such vehicles or persons are in motion and are conspicuously designated as a parade. (Code 1981, § 43-756)

Well, what did you think about Kansas' craziest laws? Do you think the laws where you come from can top it? If you want to read about more of the craziest laws in the United States, go to GoLookUp.


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