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Kentucky Police Academy Requirements

by Eddie V.

Kentucky Police Requirements, How to Be Kentucky Police Officer

What are the Requirements for Becoming a Police Officer in Kentucky?

Young aspirants prefer police departments all over the world due to the challenging tasks offered by them. Candidates are also lured by the growth opportunities offered by the police forces without high educational requirements. However, applicants need to clear a number of requirements to become a police officer. The American state of Kentucky has many openings for aspiring young people. 

Requirements for Becoming a Police Officer in Kentucky

The rules of the Kentucky state specify some minimum enrolment requirements for training as a Kentucky Police Officer. These requirements are elucidated below:

  • Age

All the candidates who want to become police officers need to be 21 years or older.

  • Citizenship

It is mandatory for all applicants to have American citizenship. Candidates whose citizenship application is pending are not eligible to apply for the Kentucky police force.

Kentucky Police Department

  • Valid Driver’s License

Applicants should have a valid driver’s license before they apply for the Kentucky police force. Candidates with advanced driving skills are given preference over the other applicants.

  • Criminal Record

One of the key requirements for the applicants to the Kentucky police force is a clean criminal record. Persons with convictions of a felony or an offense involving domestic violence are strictly barred for applying to the Kentucky police force.

  • High School or its Equivalent

The minimum educational qualification required for applying to the Kentucky police force is a high school diploma or its equivalent. Applicants with a minimum of 60 college credits are given preference over the others. 

  • Physical Requirements

There are no specific height or weight requirements for the applicants. However, they all need to clear the physical fitness test conducted by the police department.

Kentucky Police Department Info

  • Past Employment Record

Applicants should have a good employment record. Candidates also need to have a good police record. Moreover, candidates with relevant work experience like a combat position in the military or as a certified law enforcement officer will be given preference over the others.

Other Kentucky Police Academy Requirements

  • Online Application and Passing the Written Examination

Candidates interested in joining the Kentucky police force need to apply for the job online through the website of Kentucky policy force. All the applicants need to take a written test and pass it successfully. Candidates are tested for their comprehension, mechanical aptitude, map reading, and analytical skills in the written test.

  • Oral Board Interviews

Candidates who successfully clear the written test need to face an oral board interview. The motives, interest, and the attitude of the applicants are tested in the board interviews. Applicants will also be given short scenarios of events they might face in the jobs and asked to give their likely responses.

Kentucky Police Academy

  • Psychological Assessment and Polygraph

Applicants to the Kentucky police force are expected to be having a good moral character. A psychological assessment is conducted on the candidates to test their mental toughness and ability to cope with stress. In the psychological assessment, the mental well-being of the candidates and their personality traits are tested. Psychological evaluation of the candidates also includes a polygraph test to check whether the candidate is telling the truth or not.

  • Physical Fitness Test

All the aspirants should clear a mandatory physical fitness test. Physical fitness of the applicants is assessed on five different areas: Bench Press, 300-meter run, push-ups, 300-meter run and a final 1.5-mile run (for those who clear the initial 300-meter run). The physical fitness test will also include a hearing check, vision check, and a check to assess the past/present drug abuse.


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