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Find Out What Happened in the Kevin Spacey Sexual Harassment Scandal!

by Keren P.

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Kevin Spacey Sexual Harassment: What Happened with Kevin Spacey? 

Among the high-profile sexual harassment incidents that have come recently to light, the one that involves Kevin Spacey, the Oscar-winning actor, stands out not only because he is a celebrity who is being closely followed by millions of fans but because six investigations about his sexual misconducts are already underway in the UK alone.

Kevin Spacey has recently been sued for an allegation in which he is reported to have assaulted a masseur at a Malibu, California house, during 2016. A lawsuit has been filed at the Superior Court of Los Angeles against the actor on whose sexual misconducts, several investigations are currently being conducted both in the UK and US. 

In this particular incident, the actor is reported to have tried to force the masseur for making him touch his penis, scrotum, and testicles. He tried to pull him towards him in a forcible attempt to kiss him as well. The victim is said to have tried to avoid all these while adding that the behavior of Kevin Spacey was ridiculous. He is said to have reminded the actor that he was a professional who also had a son and was doing this job for earning a living.

According to the lawsuit, the conduct of the actor was outrageous and extreme, and he had acted with utter disregard and indifference for the feelings and the rights of the plaintiff and for the emotional stress the plaintiff might suffer.

Kevin Spacey
The lawsuit further states that as a proximate and direct result of the actions of Spacey, the plaintiff has been suffering from and undergoing severe emotional pain, distress, mental anguish, humiliation, fear, embarrassment, grief, worry, nervousness, frustration, anger, sadness, helplessness, stress, anxiety, and emotional and mental distress. The charges against Spacey are the sexual battery, assault, battery, gender violence, emotional distress intentionally inflicted, and so on.

According to the victim, he reported the alleged incident to the police. But the police department of Los Angeles declined to confirm whether the alleged incident was reported or not.

Investigations by Scotland Yard

It is reliably learned that Scotland Yard has started investigating six cases of sexual assault against Spacey, the incidents about which are reported to have happened in Gloucester and London. In this context, it should be remembered that the actor was the artistic director of The Old Vic Theater, London, during the period from 2004 to 2015. 20 people from the theater had alleged that they were also victims of Spacey's inappropriate behavior.

Spacey, one of the first big stars from Hollywood to have earned this notoriety

Kevin Spacey is one among the first big stars from the Hollywood who is facing sex allegations, especially after the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal broke out. In addition to the investigations that are being carried out by Scotland Yard, he is being investigated for sexual misconducts by sleuths in California also.

Sexual Harassment
Kevin Spacey Allegations made by Anthony Rapp and Guy Pearce

Anthony Rapp, another actor from America, alleged that in 1986, Spacey made sexual advances towards him. He said that his age was 14 then and Spacey was 26. Spacey whose age now is 59, says that he does not remember any such encounter, but that he is tendering his apology for any such inappropriate behavior, that may have been triggered by the influence of alcohol.

Guy Pearce, a British born Australian actor, had also alleged that Spacey groped him when the film LA Confidential was being shot.

What is now happening to Kevin Spacey?

It appears that Kevin Spacey is now reaping the results of his sexual misconducts. He is out of House of Cards, having been sacked from this Netflix show. Sir Ridley Scott has erased Spacey from his film All The Money In The World, though the movie has been completed. It appears that Sir Ridley Scott does not mind losing millions due to re-shoots.

Three more allegations are being investigated.

It is learned that three more sexual investigations have been taken up by the police. These incidents are reported to have happened in Westminster during the year 1996, in Lambeth during 2008, and in Gloucester during 2013.

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