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Key Ring: Review of Loyalty Rewards App Key Ring!

by Roni G.

Loyalty Card App, Key Ring, Key Ring App

Key Ring App Review

A loyalty card app enables a user to store all their reward cards on their mobile phones. A user has to scan all their loyalty cards' bar codes or keys in the required number. After that, their tickets are stored within the app. They have to show those bar codes on their phones in the store and request the store's personnel (cashier) to scan it. Earning rewards is so easy these days after all.

To put it simply, loyalty cards are excellent. These cards enable a user to save money, as well as get rewards for every transaction they carry out when shopping.

What is a Key Ring?

You have heard about Key Ring and are wondering 'What is Key Ring app?' Simply put, Key Ring is an app meant to help you save money while storing all of your loyalty and membership cards in one place. Think gym pass, travel card, department store coupons, gift cards, etc. In other words, you can plan your purchases and save, as well as organize your cards, your weekly store ads, your shopping lists, and coupons, all in one single app. Saving is simpler than ever!

Loyalty Card App

It is an immensely popular app for loyalty cards. You will be glad to know that Key Ring ensures that the entire process of saving money is made smoother and easier. After all, Key Ring helps you to save all your loyalty cards for stores on your mobile phone. Thus, you will love this handy shopping app, which makes it so simple to earn rewards and save money.

The app is available as:
  • Key Ring for iOS devices
  • Key Ring app for Android devices

As is evident from the above paragraphs, loyalty cards are excellent for shopping. How exciting that every time you shop, you can earn attractive rewards and save money.

On the flip side, there are a few drawbacks of having loyalty cards. For instance, your wallet can get cluttered by them and you may even forget to take out the right loyalty card while going to a store. It is precisely where this app can be useful. Key Ring is a handy app, which permits the user to enjoy the benefits attached to all their membership cards while not requiring to carry those cards physically with them when shopping.

Key Ring

It is truly an all-rounder shopping solution, which also eliminates the possibility of missing out on your savings simply because you forget to carry your physical loyalty card to a store.

Other Benefits of the Key Ring App

Now that we have answered the question 'What is Key Ring app' let's look at all the specific features it offers:

  • Key Ring app not only makes it easy to create shopping lists but also allows you to share shopping lists with friends and family and get updates when items are checked off the list. This is particularly practical if you are not the only person in your house to do the shopping. Share with your partner,  children or roommates.
  • Once you are in the store, you can also check off items that you put in your cart as you shop.
  • You can pin your favorite deals directly from circulars and save them for later, as well as redeem coupons while you are shopping. You can also browse weekly ads and see what’s on sale before you head to a store, and receive notifications about local savings and sales.
  • Follow a store you like to keep track of all the great deals and savings opportunities it has to offer. Click the “Quick Add” button, and then tap “Follow Store.” Type in the name of the store you want to follow into the search bar, or browse the list of stores. Add it to your My Key Ring feed. This way, you will never miss a discount at your favorite retailers or restaurants.

Working of Key Ring App

Now that you have a fair idea of what the Key Ring app is all about, it is time to find out how it functions.

Sign up process:

It is a mandatory step to use the Key Ring phone app. You have to first get this app and then register yourself with the relevant details.

Key Ring App has to be downloaded

Downloading the app is the first step for enjoying all the benefits of the Key Ring app. As mentioned above, this is a mobile phone app, which is available to the users of both iPhones and Android platforms. Now, isn't that extremely handy as you can use any type of operating system to enjoy its merits?

Key Ring App

A wonderful feature of this useful app is that you can also use it on your desktop browser, to research the latest deals and organize your shopping lists more comfortably.

Create a new account for your Key Ring app

After the app has been downloaded on your mobile phone, you have to create a new account. It is an essential step before you can enjoy the utilities it offers.

Another great feature of the Key Ring app is that your cards can be used across different types of devices once you have created your account on Key Ring.

Key Ring App Review,

Tips if a card does not scan

One of the main Key Ring app problems that people come across is that some card's barcode do not scan. If that is the case, try the following:

  • Make sure that you’re in a room with strong enough lighting.
  • Clean your camera lens.
  • Place the card on a flat surface, not in your hand.
  • Make sure the barcode fits within the red outline box and that it is not partially scraped off, smudged or missing.
  • If you still can’t get the app to scan the barcode, no problem. Click on the “Won’t Scan” option, and then manually enter the barcode on the next screen.

Key Ring App reviews

One Amazon user provided this Key Ring review:

 - "I have been using this app very reliably for quite a while. I use it mostly to store all my reward cards. You begin by entering your account number from your rewards card in the app. The app includes a list of nearly all the possible companies that offer rewards, so all you have to do is scroll to find your rewards company. (Don't worry, if it's not there, you can still add it). After you add it, then you can scan in the front and back of the actual card and store that also in the app. This is a unique feature of this app.

I have yet to be somewhere shopping and show them my Android with the barcode displayed and let them scan directly from screen and have it not work with hand scanners. I don't recall being anywhere that didn't have a hand scanner that I've tried to use it.

I recently downloaded an app called "Card Star". Key Ring and Card Star basically offer the same features and both work rather well, so, as far as I can tell, here are the major differences:

_____________________________Key Ring_____Card Star

Enter Your Code----------------Yes----------Yes

Displays Large Bar Code--------Yes----------Yes

Photo Scan Actual Card---------Yes----------No

Access to Vendor's Website-----Slow---------Very Good

Access to Member Login Site----No-----------Yes

Coupons and Deals--------------Yes----------Yes

I like the display of Key Ring a little more, but that is just an aesthetic choice. Both programs are well worth your consideration BEFORE you enter all your data in either one.

After you have loaded in all your rewards cards you will be inundated with offers and coupons, but most of it is very, very good, and quite cost-effective, and you'll probably enjoy what comes in."

One Apple user provided this Key Ring review:


I’ve tried other store card storage apps, this is the best! It has other great features too. Grocery list separated by category, stores other cards besides just store ones, sales sheets in one place. It is just a wonderful app, I read a complaint from someone else about an issue with a dairy product not recognizing the proper category, but it will put it in miscellaneous. At least it does to most products and makes grocery shopping a lot easier, not to mention the fact that it’s an all in one no need for multiple apps. Very pleased. Thank You



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