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Leo: How to Dress According to Your Sign

by Rhon A.

Leo Star Sign Fashion, Leo Style

Star Sign Fashion: Leo

Are you a firm believer in horoscopes? If you are, then you surely are familiar with the characters and traits that various zodiac signs possess. Each zodiac sign has an affinity to a certain characteristic that makes them distinct from each other. From behavior to food to even fashion, these characters are a distinctive aspect of each sign. You might wonder how fashion is an important character trait for a zodiac sign. As mentioned earlier, each sign has a personality that gives them an affinity to certain fashion trends. Let’s take a look at the fashion traits of a Leo

The Bold and the Beautiful

Leo, the lion refers to the people who have their birthdays from July 23rd to August 22nd. They are well-known for being headstrong and bold personalities. They are known to hold grudges and have a fierce temper. Despite all this, they are probably some of the most loyal and passionate people you will ever meet. They are the kind of people you always want in your lives and their creativity and passion is often seen in their sense of style.

Leo Star Sign Fashion
Their creativity, passion and their zeal for life along with their love translate into a bold wardrobe full of cheerfulness and warmth. Of all the zodiacs out there, the Leo is not afraid to try out new things, They love vibrant hues and bright colors quite a bit. They are also not ones to try out any new trend that comes their way, rather they prefer to follow their instincts when it comes to dressing themselves.

Trendsetters to a tee

The biggest trait that of a Leo style icon is their passion for life and their liveliness. They are perfectionists who love their luxury but they don’t need clothes to be too expensive to be trendy. They love experimenting with new fashion trends only if it suits their tastes. They love making bold style statements and their fashion experiments don’t need to be restricted by a design label.

Anything that catches their eye goes. The Leo is confident about their ability to pull off new looks and it is this bold aspect of their personality that makes them such a style icon in the first place.

As they have an outgoing personality, a straw bag that hangs casually around their shoulders is a bold statement. They can carry them wherever they go and it will look good irrespective of whether they are in a formal or casual setting. Fine materials from natural fibers like cashmere, silk, wool, and cotton are a staple in Leo’s wardrobe. The Leo woman is a trendsetter in bright leggings, cute cotton shirts in bold, vibrant colors and accessories that stand out. The man is equally stylish, looking to always be at the top of his style game.

Leo Style
They make any new look their own and always turn heads. As mentioned earlier, they love wearing accessories that stand out. You can always spot a Leo in a crowd. They are the ones who go for unique tops, stylish jackets, and unusual shoes. They always present themselves with confidence and the pride that makes them lions and lionesses in their natural surroundings

The Leo knows they don’t need to be too dressed up in order to look stylish and fabulous. Even a simple white and blue combination with matching sunglasses is a trendy new look for them. They look good not just in vibrant and loud colors, they can also pull off the classic look with elan. They are always creative and this is seen quite clearly in their love for simple and bold. They know how to make even the most impossible style statements work. It is what makes them some of the most appealing zodiac signs.


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