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Libra Zodiac Sign Overview

by Jessica V.

Libra, Libra Zodiac Sign, Zodiac Libra

Zodiac Signs - Libra - What Does Your Sign Mean

The focal point where a shift in the zodiac sign begins to appear is at the seventh sign of Libra. The primary focus of the first six zodiac signs is on the self and the last six is on the relationship they share with others; the Libra is the first sign focused on relationships with others. A Libra loves nothing more than to be with a partner and everything is better when done as a pair. They work best when in a pair given their sense of balance, harmony, and clarity on right and wrong.

Element, Symbol, Planet, and Quality

Ruled by the element air, Libra is easy going and concentrate on greater things. They are enthralled by anything which fascinates them and is known for their quick wit and sharp mind. Easily inspired by a good read, a Libra enjoys participating in discussions.

An apt symbol for a balanced mind is a Scale. The symbol of Libra embodies everything from the scales of justice to striking the right work-life balance. A Libra makes a decision in the best interest of everyone and not just themselves. Conflict is a Libra’s nemesis which explains the aspiration for justice.

Ruled by the planet Venus, Libra surely carries the torch for the seductress. People born under the Libra sun signs are passionate lovers who are partial to materialistic possessions. A happy Libra is surrounded by art, culture, music and serene holidays. 

Being ruled by a passion and sense of righteousness, Libra seeks balance in every aspect of his/her life. They are the ones who champion for underdogs and readily take up to causes which are discarded as unimportant. Driven by instincts and intuition, a Libra is rarely wrong with character judgment. In an effort to keep up healthy relationships with everyone, Libra is not forthcoming about their true feelings and tend to bottle up emotions. Forging a relationship with a Libra demands that you coerce them out of their shell.

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Libra man

A connoisseur of beauty, nothing appeals to a Libra man more than beauty. Being constantly in search of something better, they rarely stick to jobs, relationships, and friendships. They are fun to hang around but rarely a nourishing relationship. Libra man who decides to stop and work on himself is rare but such a man does exist as an odd exception. A perfect analogy of a Libra man is a fairy prince who is too good to be true and disappears when you try to grasp him. He loves poetry and has a flair for composing words that steal a woman’s heart. He will readily make promises but when the time to deliver comes knocking on the door, he will leave you disappointed. Meeting a Libra man’s expectations of an ideal partner is a fool’s errand. They tend to have innumerable affairs without actively knowing what they’re getting into.

Libra woman

No woman can match a Libra when it comes to adventure and zest for life. A Libra woman is the embodiment of excitement and she loves the idea of being in love. She will fill your life with special memories, all of which are random plans, and lives the picture-perfect life. She is in love either with her long-term partner or has a string of affairs. Secure men who don’t mind the attention his Libra woman gets from others is her best match. She is moody and if you keep up with her, you are in for a ride to remember. Keep her interested in your conversations, and you have yourself a woman who will make all your dreams come true.


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