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Find Out What Happened with the Louis CK Sexual Harassment Allegations

by Rachel M.

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Louis CK Sexual Harassment: What Happened with Louis CK  

Among the present-day comedians, there are arguably no parallels to Louis C.K. If you look at his track-records, you will be amazed to find that he has the distinction of selling out Madison Square Garden a number of times, creating a TV series that won him an Emmy, and earning the name of a distinguished auteur and a taste-maker.

Though a few people opine that Louis could achieve these significant feats only because of his manager who is known for representing some of the big names in comedy, the reputation Louis C.K. has earned in the comedy genre is beyond comparison. Even those who have a different opinion about him will agree that he makes his audience laugh mainly by dwelling upon hypocrisy, and more particularly, male hypocrisy.

But the recent sexual harassment allegations leveled against him have certainly caused cracks in the edifice of the reputation he has built over the years. It is true that the incidents related to these allegations happened long back. Ironically, his feats such as selling out Madison Square Garden eight times, and creating the Emmy-winning TV series happened only after these sexual harassment incidents, that are being reported only now. Let us now look into what these incidents were.

1. In 2002, Julia Wolov and Dana Min Goodman, a comedy duo from Chicago, got an opportunity for performing at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colo. After the late-night show, Louis C.K. invited the duo to his room so they could have a nightcap with him. The women thought that since the bars would remain closed at that hour, they could celebrate with Louis, a comedian whom they had always been admiring. 

Louis CK
Since they thought that his intentions were not improper, they went to his room. But as soon as they took their seats, Louis C.K. asked them if he could remove his clothes for taking out his penis. Initially, the women thought that he was joking. But to their astonishment and shock, he removed all his clothes and stood completely naked. On top of it, he started masturbating also. According to the duo, they felt as if they had been "paralyzed." These are the allegations made by Ms. Goodman during an interview she gave recently to The New York Times.

2. In 2003, Abby Schachner wanted to invite Louis C.K. for one of her shows. When she was speaking to him over the phone, she could hear all the sounds that indicated that he was masturbating. This is another sexual harassment allegation made against Louis.

3. Rebecca Corry, another comedian, alleged that in 2005, she once appeared in a television pilot show with Louis C.K. and during that show, he told her that he wanted to masturbate and if he could do it in front of her. But she politely declined.

Why are these allegations considered important?

It is a known fact that nowadays, women and young girls do not hesitate to come out openly for describing the sexual harassment incidents they have been experiencing. It is in this context the allegations made against Louis C.K. assume a lot of importance.

Sexual Harassment
It is true that there had been rumors about Louis and his obsession with masturbating, and more particularly, in front of his women associates. All these rumors have remained unsubstantiated till now. But the affected women like Julia Wolov and Dana Min Goodman, Abby Schachner, and Rebecca Corry have now come out openly and described their experiences, 

Since Louis C.K. has only a few parallels in the comedy genre, these allegations assume a lot of significance, despite the fact that these encounters took place more than a decade ago. 

Though the media tried to contact Louis C.K., Lewis Kay, his publicist, said and wrote an email stating that the comedian was not willing to respond and would not be answering any questions. Despite several follow-up emails, texts, and voice messages, no reply was forthcoming either from Louis C.K. or from Mr. Kay. Even the premiere of “I Love You, Daddy,” the new movie of Louis was canceled abruptly. He canceled his appearance on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” also.

Experts point out that the popularity of Louis C.K. has been mainly due to his candidness about his sexual hang-ups and his flaws. But how all the present allegations will impact him and his popularity is anybody's guess.


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