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Louisiana Employment Law Explained in Full

by Rick J.

Louisiana Employment Law, Louisiana Employment Laws

Louisiana Employment Laws: What are Employment Laws in Louisiana?

Labor laws are important anywhere in the world. They give the worker rights that provide security, dignity, and protection against exploitation from employers and vice versa. They give employees a voice and set important boundaries that guide workplace relationships. The provision of minimum wage ensures that an employee is always compensated for their work by a minimum amount deemed viable by the State. Similarly, there are laws that ensure that an employee cannot be unlawfully terminated, disrespected or discriminated against. Labor laws provide a framework within which a healthy work environment can function, and employer-employee relationships can thrive.

What are the employment laws in Louisiana?

Labor laws in the State of Louisiana provide more protection to residents of the State compared to federal employment laws when it comes to specific topics. Residents of Louisiana are offered better health insurance coverage for smaller employers or leave for occasions such as bone marrow transplants. But Louisiana continues to follow the federal law when it comes to areas such as minimum wage or overtime regulations.

Louisiana Employment Law

The State of Louisiana recognizes and has provisions for minimum wage, overtime, rules for payday as well as handling issues with union members. These Labor laws also dictate events like holidays, how many days can be taken off, whether an employer has to pay at holiday rate or normal rate depending on the holiday. Louisiana even has laws protecting whistleblowers, that is, people who report illegal or unethical activities by their employers.


What is a general overview of the employment laws in Louisiana?

Employers in the State have to adhere to the Labor laws set both by the federal as well as the state governments. Under certain situations, there are also municipal laws that have to be taken into account. It is generally a good idea for both employers as well as employees to have a basic understanding of the employment laws affecting their lives and relationships at the workplace.

  • Minimum Wage: Louisiana does not have any minimum wage mandated by the State government. The reason behind this is that Louisiana Law has set provisions that prevent the state structure from setting a minimum wage for its residents. Employers are obligated to follow the amount set by the federal structure under the Fair Labor Standards Act.
  • Overtime: Louisiana does not have any laws affecting overtime payment. Employers have to follow the regulations laid down by the federal structure according to the Fair Labor Standards Act.
Louisiana Employment Laws
  • Break Times: Louisiana makes it compulsory for employers to provide a meal time to any employee under the age of eighteen who has been scheduled to work five hours straight or more. The employee is not paid for the time they take to complete their meal. Such provisions do not exist for anyone over the age of eighteen, so federal laws are used to address meals and breaks for adults. Federal laws have not made it compulsory for adults to be provided with mandated times for meals. The employer, however, on their prerogative, can provide their employees with meal times. For meal breaks under twenty minutes, the employer is obligated to take the break period into paid hours. For lunch breaks that are thirty minutes or more, the employer does not have to pay the employee for the break period.
  • Legal holiday laws: Each year is full of days celebrated by people from across the country, but which days are employees legally allowed to take off as national or international holidays? To control the number of legitimate holidays in a year without compromising yearly productivity, legal holiday laws protect the employer from having to provide too many days off, and employees with the guarantee of certain holidays from work. State governments have to follow the holiday list set by the federal government but can include holidays that are especially celebrated in that state.

While these are a few of the major laws employers and employees should be aware of, there are far more areas of employment being guided by Labor laws. These employment laws protect employer-employee relationships within Louisiana and ensure that work environments provide security and stability for all people at work.


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