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Best Louisiana Health Insurance Companies

by Keren P.

Health Insurance Louisiana, Louisiana Health Insurance

What are the Best Health Insurance Options in Louisiana?

Why invest in health insurance?

The disease can be very expensive. The common cold or fever are minor ailments that can be treated at home with over the counter medications, but bigger diseases like a heart attack, a stroke or broken bones need medical care in a hospital. Without health insurance, exorbitant medical fees can either get in the way of the patient’s complete recovery or leave them with a depleted bank account. Private or government-sponsored health insurance plans provide an attractive alternative to people who do not have coverage from their place of employment.

Health insurance acts as a safety valve for your bank account and prevents illnesses, accidents and other physical discomforts from adversely affecting your life financially.

What are you looking for?

Shopping for a health insurance plan is not necessarily easy as most people do not know what to look for. Louisiana has a variety of health insurance plans covering various needs – individual, families, dental, accident, short term insurance and more.  

The official portal for buying a health insurance plan online in Louisiana is Alternatively, you can approach an insurance company or a broker and purchase a plan from them. The best health insurance plans are those that offer holistic care and treatment that matches your requirements.

Health Insurance Louisiana

Which plans should you consider investing in?

Louisiana offers myriad health insurance plans, especially in the private sector. The following is a list of the best health insurance plans in Louisiana in addition to the benefits you can expect from each:

  • Aetna Better Health: Available 24x7, every day of the week, their basic cover everything from wellness screenings, assistance in quitting smoking, community programs, optical and dental care, prenatal and postpartum visits, emergency medical services, immunization and many other services dedicated to holistic health care. Find them at
  • AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana: They see it as their mission to provide health care insurance to all US citizens and are available at all times and open every day. Their basic plan includes optical and dental care, diabetic screenings, prenatal and postpartum visits, circumcision, unlimited primary care physician benefits, emergency services, behavioral health services and much more. Find them at
  • Anthem Health Insurance: Offers a large variety of health insurance plans, from life coverage to dental, disability insurance, coverage for prescription drugs, dental and vision coverage as well as coverage for turning 65 among others. Find them at
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana: Placing at their core a set of values that ensure prompt, committed and excellent services to people, BCBS was first founded in 1934. Covering various plans designed to suit personal needs, including cancer and other chronic illnesses, Medicare as well as travel health insurance packages. You can find them at
  • Cigna Health Insurance: A health insurance company that has been around for two centuries, they are a mainstay in the field. Having evolved with time and experience to offer the best in health insurance options, they have various health, dental, senior, life as well as other coverage options designed to help people live happy, healthy lives. Find them at
Louisiana Health Insurance Companies
  • Healthy Blue: A health insurance provider that aims to help people live their best possible lives by providing Medicaid packages designed to promote active, happy lives. Their basic plan includes services such as vision and dental care, chronic illness management, laboratory tests, women’s health services, pregnancy care, immunization, emergency services and much more. Find them at
  • Louisiana Healthcare Connections: Available 7-7 on every weekday, they offer health care plans designed to help individuals and families get the best of health care services along with local community support. Their basic plan involves services such as emergency care, dental and vision care, community programs, child well visits, help to stop smoking along with other benefits. Find them at
  • Healthcare Gov: The official place to buy a health plan in Louisiana. The date for applying for 2019 coverage has already passed, but if you are interested in investing in a plan for 2020, you can apply with at the end of 2019 at

Louisiana offers a variety of health insurance plans to ensure that people can live optimistic, healthy lives. With something for every individual or family, investing in health insurance guarantees assistance during trying times and aids people and their families with medical services and expenses.


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