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Causes of Depression: These are the Main Causes of Depression

by Kelly G.

Causes of Depression, Depression Causes
What Causes Depression? Find Out Right Here!

What is Depression?

Depression is a serious mental disorder. Depression causes a feeling of sadness, loss, or anger and affects an individual's routine activities at home as well as at the workplace. Depression leads to emotional and physical stress. It also affects relationships and can be the reason for major health issues.

Every individual experiences failure or sadness at some point in life. Happiness and sadness are part and parcel of life. You experience depression when the feeling of dejection or unhappiness lasts for a longer period of time. Seek immediate medical assistance since depression is considered to be a serious ailment. Any delay or ignorance in getting proper treatment for depression can lead to dire consequences.

Causes of Depression
Symptoms of Depression

The symptoms of depression are listed below:

  • Feeling sad or having mood swings
  • Loss of interest in daily routine or chores
  • Loss of appetite
  • Problems pertaining to sleep
  • Extreme exhaustion
  • Sudden increase or decrease in physical activity
  • A feeling of being unproductive
  • Lack of focus or difficulty in concentration
  • Suicidal thoughts

Depression can be experienced by any individual irrespective of age, gender or occupation. In some cases, symptoms of depression might last for a short duration. Depression can be also caused due to some medical conditions like cancer, brain tumor, vitamin deficiency or problems relating to the thyroid, etc.

Causes of Depression

Depression is caused by several reasons. The various causes are listed below:

  • Heredity: The risk of coming across depression is higher in case you have a family history relating to this condition. Various research heads are analyzing the gene responsible for causing depression.
  • Traumatic Childhood: In case you have spent your childhood in an abusive and conflicting environment, then you are likely to deal with depression. The existence of such an environment leads to hatred, aggression, emotional outburst and problems relating to anxiety.
  • Composition of Brain: Onset of depression is possible due to the sluggishness of our brain structure. The frontal lobe of the brain performs activities like emotional expression, problem-solving ability, memory, language, judgment, and sexual behaviors. So this condition can cause a huge impact on our ability to think, behave and communicate.
  • Serious health issues: Individuals dealing with severe illness like insomnia, Lack of attention, post-par-tum surgery can be also the reasons for depression.
  • Addiction to drugs: Individuals dealing with addiction to drugs commonly face depression. Individuals ingesting these drugs on a regular basis are likely to walk the path of depression. They often feel lonely or left out, miserable or worthless.

Depression Causes
Due to the lack of knowledge, many people ignore and fail to learn the actual cause of depression. Also, they do not attempt to take up proper treatment for the same. But there are few more risks associated with depression

  • Lack of self-confidence or feeling hesitant
  • Being private over the history of mental illness
  • Side effects of certain medications
  • Faced stressful incidents like loss or death of a loved one, break-up with the partner, financial problems, or a divorce or separation.

Many factors are responsible for instigating the feelings of depression. But on-time diagnosis and treatment will definitely minimize the symptoms of this condition. Precautionary measures can be taken to curb depression For instance take up yoga or exercise, avoid the intake of alcohol or junk food, acupuncture or consuming herbal supplements, etc. In addition to these measures, the physician might recommend you to ingest some anti-depressant or anti-anxiety pills.

The exact time to recover from depression cannot be predicted. It can last longer or even for a short period of time. There is no 100% cure for this condition. But a combination of medications and lifestyle changes can help in overcoming serious complications arising out of depression.


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