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Best Health Insurance Companies in Maine

by Eddie V.

Health Insurance Maine, Maine Health Insurance

What are the best Health Insurance Options in Maine?

Why invest in health insurance?

Accidents and disease can appear without forewarning and health insurance; treatment options can be extremely expensive. Lack of financial resources can make people turn away from healthcare services or leave their bank accounts heavily depleted after treatment. Medical bankruptcy is not uncommon, and people have found themselves in dire straits from paying for medical treatments out of their own pockets. From heart attacks to chronic illnesses like cancer, people always stand a better chance with healthcare services. Everyone deserves treatment.

Health insurance provides a safety net against medical expenditure through a pre-planned financial service dedicated to providing people with the finances they need during both routine medical checkups as well as emergencies. For people who do not have medical coverage from their workplace, private health insurance companies act as a pleasant alternative.

What are you looking for?

For people who do not know what they are looking for, applying for healthcare insurance online can feel challenging. But with just a bit of navigation and know-how, all the required information can easily be found. Insurance plans come in different packages, each different suiting needs. The applicant has to simply opt for the package that best suits their needs.

The different kinds of packages include individual coverage, family coverage, travel health plans, packages for chronic illnesses, senior citizens, prescription medication, dental care, optical care and much more.

Health Insurance Maine

Which plans should you consider investing in?

Residents of Maine have access to a wide variety of health insurance options that provide access to coverage of various health-related scenarios. The following is a list of the best health care insurance options available in Maine:

  • Maine Medicare: Around 25% of the local population has enrolled with Medicare to obtain medical insurance. 81% of Maine’s residents are eligible for application into this service based on the factor of age. A further 19% are eligible through the criteria of disability. Residents of Maine can opt to choose a plan called Medicare Advantage as an alternative to the Original Medicare. The former provides certain additional benefits compared to the latter. Nearly 47% of people who have applied for Medicare services have also opted for Medicare Part D – a coverage plan exclusively for prescription medication. You can apply for this option at
  • Maine’s CO-OP: One of the only four remaining operational CO-OP’s in the United States, the Consumer Operated and Oriented Plan found itself included in the Affordable Care Act to provide the residents of Maine with more options in health insurance services. The CO-OP at Maine, also known as Community Health Options, can be found at
  • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield: A health insurance provides with options covering everything from dental to optical care, illnesses and emergencies, prescription drug coverage, disability insurance and more, you can find them at
Health Insurance Companies in Maine
  • Harvard Pilgrim: Maine residents registered with this institution get an annual flu shot, an annual physical exam, personalized health coaching, acupuncture and chiropractic visits, fitness reimbursement of up to $150, discounts from local stores enrolled with the project and much more. You can find them at
  • Delta Dental: A service primarily focused on dental coverage, this health insurance addresses an area of medical care not deemed as necessary by some other companies. Plans can be purchased covering either the individual or the family. You can find them at
  • gov: A federal provider of health insurance, more and more people are turning to this service to obtain coverage under the Affordable Care Act. The application period for 2019 coverage is over, but you can apply for coverage for 2020 at the end of this year from

Accidents and diseases can come without warning. Medical insurance ensures that you have one less thing to worry about and obtain much-needed support during trying times.


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