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Maine Child Custody Laws

by Alvin V.

Maine Child Custody Laws, Child Custody Laws

What are the Maine Child Custody Laws?

In the State of Maine, the best interests of the child are a huge driving force in determining the custody of the child. The courts take in various different factors when determining the child custody laws in Maine, all centered around what will be the best course of action for the child. The different factors determining Child Custody Laws in the State of Maine include the following:

  • The various needs of the child in relation to their mental and their physical health, and whether their parents will be able to provide them with the fulfillment of those needs.
  • A Child Custody Law also looks into whether or not there has been any instance of domestic violence or abuse in the household. If there has been, then the child is given to the victim, who will have sole custody of their offspring. In addition to this, not only will the perpetrator lose all rights of child custody, but will also not be allowed to meet the child at all.
Maine Child Custody Laws
  • According to Maine Child Custody Laws, a parent who has a record of some criminal or violent history will not be allowed to have child custody, even after they have completed their sentence and have fulfilled their due diligence to society. However, in spite of it, they will be allowed to have regular visiting periods. But these visitation periods will be under strict supervision, either by an officer of the state or by a child support therapist.
  • Child Custody Laws in the State of Maine give a lot of emphasis on whether the child is being stimulated and fulfilled emotionally where they are situated currently. If a child is situated with one parent and has a healthy and fulfilling relationship with them, and along with it, also has enough friends, an excellent school, a fulfilling support system, as well as a surrounding community where they can thrive to completion, then the court will not likely uproot them from their current place of residence.
Maine Child Custody Laws
  • The court will also look at the lifestyle and the work of the parents, according to Maine Child Custody Laws. They will need to determine whether or not the parents have enough money to accommodate the growing needs of the child, as well as have enough to save for the future and fulfill their own needs. This is a very important aspect of child custody laws. If a parent cannot support the child and themselves in their current salary or do not have a permanent job, then the custody of the child is automatically passed on over to the other parent.
  • The Child Custody Law of Maine gives an increasing amount of importance to the relations that the child and the parent have with each other. In this case, the evidence and the statement of the child hold the most amount of importance for the courts to figure out who the child should be staying with. If the child has a healthy and fulfilling relationship with one parent and not with the other, then they are entrusted to the care of the first parent. If any parent has had a history of physically, emotionally, or mentally abusing the child, then too, the custody of the child is snatched from them and given to the other parent. However, if the other parent is missing or dead, then the custody of the child is given to the primary guardian of the child, such as the grandparents, an aunt or uncle, or a cousin who has hit the legal age and is now working to support themselves, and can additionally provide for the child as well.


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