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Maine Voting Registration Information and Registration Process

by Toni S.

Register to Vote Maine, Maine Register to Vote

How to Register to Vote in Maine?

Voting eligibility in Maine

To register to be a voter, you need to be eligible to vote. The following are the eligibility conditions in the State of Maine that you need to fulfill:

  • Should be a US citizen
  • Can be 17 years at the time of registration, but to vote you need to be 18.
  • Should have a voting residence in the place (municipality, town, city) where you want to register your name and vote.

Where to Register to vote in Maine

Registration is possible in many places. They include:

  • Town office
  • City hall
  • A branch office of the Motor Vehicles Department
  • Social service agencies of the Maine state government as well as the Federal government

Also, individual voter registration drives are conducted. You can go to the venue of the registration drive and register there.

Register to Vote Maine

Registration deadline in Maine
You can register anytime you want. However, if you are registering before the election, you need to keep in mind that you must register 21 days before the election. Only then will you be eligible to vote.

How to register to vote in Maine?

Registration to become a voter is a simple process. There is a voter registration card, which would be available at the places where certification is offered. You can collect the registration card, fill it in and submit it.

The card needs to be filled. Improperly filled or incomplete application cards can be rejected. There is no witness or notarization required to register for being a voter. There are different parts to the voter registration application card. Let us go through the same in detail, so you know how to fill the card.

  • At the left top are Federally required questions. You need to select the appropriate answer. You need to state if you are a US citizen and whether you will be 18 years on election day. If the answer to either of the questions is no, then filling the form is a waste.
  • The next section on the top right is party affiliation; you need to record which party you are affiliated to. This will allow you to vote in primaries and other conventions. You can select U or unenrolled if you are not affiliated to any party.
  • Next, you need to write down your full name in the format Last name, middle name, and first name.
  • Then record your date of birth, first month, date and later year.
Maine Register to Vote
  • You need to enter your current residential address then. Make sure you enter the complete address. If your mailing address is different from the current address, you need to open it. In case you had been registered earlier, you need to indicate where you were designated – city, county as well as state.
  • You need to give a telephone number. This is optional, and you can skip if you want.
  • On the back side of the card, you can give details of the change of name (this is for those already registered who want to change the name)
  • Sign and write the date. On the top right of the back of the card record your driver license or last four digits of your social security number.

The officials would fill the remaining part of the card would be filled by the officials.

Once the card is complete if you are registering for the first time you need to attach a copy of your driving license, social security ID or any govt. card with your name and address. You need to hand it over to the municipal registrar or mail it to the Registrar of Elections, #101, State House Station, Augusta, ME 0433-0101. Make sure you mail it 21 days before the election date.


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