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Major Stressors in Modern Life and How to Overcome Them

by Chris A.

Major Stressors in Modern Life, Reasons of Stress in Modern Life

Reasons for Stress in Modern Life

Over the years life has changed by leaps and bounds. The lifestyle we follow today is not the lifestyle our parents once followed. As such, the sort of stress we face today is not quite different. Stress in modern life is quite common and there are some common stressors for adults of today that tend to take control of our lives. The reason for stress in modern life are varied. With careers taking the forefront in most people’s lives, there is no doubt that progressing in our careers is one of the major stressors in modern life. There are also personal life aspects that could be the reason of stress in modern life. Let us take a look at some of the causes and reasons of stress in modern life and also life changes that cause stress.

Major Stressors in Modern Life
Getting a Well-paying Job
The basic difference between life now and in the past is that now we just do not want to settle. We want to kick start our careers on the right note and we spend so many days of our lives hunting for a job that pays us well. Jobs are known to be one of the most common reasons for stress in modern life. People are also constantly taking up new courses and trying to study more in order to get a better job than in turn gets them more money. People today are so career-oriented, that the process of getting a job that suits you just right causes a ton of stress.

Running after a PromotionThis is one of the most common stressors for adults. Even after we get a job that pays us well, we do not stop at that. Year after year we constantly try to work harder and get noticed at work so that we can get promoted to a higher level. This continuous need to move forward, no doubt a good trait, has led to a lot of stress in modern life among working individuals.

, Reasons of Stress in Modern Life
Buying the Latest Gadgets
This sort of stress could only be a feature of this current generation we are a part of and is nothing like our parents or grandparents may have experienced. In this highly technological world, we need to stay updated with the latest tech. Be it a smartphone, a smart home, a play station, and the list is truly endless. Tech has taken our lives to such an extent that not being able to keep up can lead to stress in modern life.

Balancing Personal and Professional LifeOne of the major stressors in modern life is the struggle of trying to juggle your personal and professional lives. At times people get so caught up in making a career for themselves, that they do not get time to enjoy life. They have no time for family, no time to hang out with friends, no time to even think about marriage, and if at all a person does get married, they have no time to think about starting a family.

Dealing with Issues in MarriageOne of the major life changes that cause stress in a marriage. In these modern times, people do not view marriage as the institution it used to be. We see that marriages have become more transient, with divorce rates at an all-time high. People care so busy in making a life for themselves and so caught up with their responsibilities at work, that they tend to ignore their responsibility towards their marriage and their partner.

Modern life is different from the life the previous generation had, and along with it, it brings new types of stress that people today have to deal with and overcome.


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