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What exactly is the Man Code?

by Bob V.

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What Exactly is the Man Code and What to Know about the Man Code! 

The elusive man code is an unwritten set of rules that are expected to be followed by all who identify as men. They are formulated informally but run in the vein of general good behavior, politeness, and ethical conduct. The key aspect of the man code is that the encapsulated rules make it easier for men to relate to each other and live harmoniously together.

As mentioned, the man code is an unwritten set of rules, but even then, they are usually known by men on some level. Transgressing these rules is seen as a betrayal by the transgressor. We may not be able to cover all the aspects of the man code, but we can highlight the most important rules that span across various facets of life, i.e. work, recreation, relationships, etc.

Your buddy’s girlfriend/ wife/ ex-girlfriend/ ex-wife are off-limits

Possibly the most important rule in the book, the violation of this one will land you in a cesspool of insults, ostracism, and lifelong guilt. Whether you are casually interested or think you are in love, your friendship that has survived years is much more important. There is no time-frame after which it will ever be okay. As a gentleman, do not even go there.

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Be there for your buddies

If your friend calls you up at 3 AM to bail him out of the slammer, you are absolutely obliged to get out of bed that minute and get to it. If your friend is in need of a wingman at the bar, you’ve got to do it. If your friend has just broken up with his girlfriend, you drag that guy out and buy him a few beers. If the said friend gets too drunk, you make sure he gets home too.

Exercise restraint in speech

Stories about your friends that you would not like spoken about if they were about you, should be kept to yourself. This rule may call for some judgment calls. For example, if a man is in a committed relationship and has taken a call to tell his partner about something on account of his consideration for her and its effect on her, he may do so. However, if it is something that happened on a guys’ night out, she may not need to be filled in on every last detail. Best to keep it to yourself and respect the man code. The other aspect of this is to curb excessive chatter. Real men do not need to fill up every space in conversation with words. It can really kill the vibe sometimes.

Repay your debts

In fact, it’s best not to let money enter the friendship equation at all. Money has the potential to make things uncomfortable quickly. If you are going to borrow money from a friend, do not do it unless you are certain you are good for it in the future. Give your friend a date by which you will pay them back and repay them by that date.

Handle your liquor and no fruity, flowery drinks

A real man knows his limits. He enjoys his drinks, but does not go overboard. Secondly, a man is what he drinks. An exception may be made for a 007 martini or a Corona with a wedge of lime. Otherwise, color-infused drinks with extra cherries and a tiny umbrella are simply unacceptable.

Whether or not a man believes in the rules or not, adherence to them is essential for remaining in your social circle. Breaking the rules of the man code, especially the ones above, may result in a collapse of respect by fellow men.

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