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Marriage Counseling – What You Need to Know About Marriage Counseling

by Chris A.

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Marriage Counseling Explained

However much we may want to believe that marriage is a bed of roses, most often, it is not. Making a marriage work takes effort from the husband and the wife. During troubling times, both the spouses need to give their all to save the relationship and manage to stay together. However, it is true that at times it can get difficult for husband and wife to resolve issues and you may need help from a third party.

While couples often tend to speak to family and friends about their problems, the advice from close ones may not be as objective as you may wish. In such situations going to a professional who provides marriage counseling would be your best bet.

What exactly is marriage counseling?

Marriage counseling is basically therapy sessions with a trained psychologist. Unlike regular therapy, marriage counseling involves both the spouses meeting with the therapist together and discussing issues in order to resolve them. So if you feel that you and your spouse might need some help in your marriage, it is probably time to look up marriage counseling near me to find a good therapist. If you do not wish to physically go for therapy sessions, you can also opt for online marriage counseling which is quite popular these days. There are also quite a few marriage counseling apps available to make saving your marriage a bit easier.

Marriage Counseling

Before you start searching for a therapist near you, here are a few things you need to know about marriage counseling.

It is not easy: The very fact that you have admitted that you need help for your marriage to work, will not make this easy for you. Most people like to believe that they can fix their own problems. So agreeing to get external help is the first tough decision you will have to make. Marriage counseling is not easy. It is going to be a tough time for both, you and your spouse. But if you both want to make it work, you will be able to ride this difficult time out together.

You will have to give it time: It is impossible to say how long marriage counseling will take to work. It isn’t some magic formula that will fix your marriage with just a few sessions. You and your spouse will have to give the counseling sessions a lot of your time. Your therapist will normally advise you on how many times a week you need to meet. But if at any point you feel like you are on edge and need a session, make sure you call your therapist to schedule a therapy session. Only if you give yourself and your spouse time to process and learn from the sessions will marriage counseling work. 

You must be open: Counseling can only work if you want it to work. Going in for therapy with a closed mind, or just because you are forced to is not going to help. You should want it to work. Being negative about your relationship and the effect counseling might have on it, is just going to make matters worse.

Free Marriage Counseling

There will be some awkwardness: You and your spouse are going to have to discuss intimate details of your marriage with your counselor. This could include physical intimacy, the arguments you have, what you really feel about your spouse, and the list goes on. Talking about such things with a third person is obviously going to be difficult. But if you really want the marriage to work, you are going to have to toughen up and talk it out.

You don’t have to be married to get help: You can choose to go for marriage counseling even if you and your partner are not married. Some couples want to stay together without being married. If you experience trouble in such a relationship as well, you can opt for marriage counseling.

Making a marriage work takes effort. So if you feel you need help, do not waste time and meet with a therapist. There are also quite a few free marriage counseling options available if you are worried about the financial strain.


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