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Maryland Labor Laws and Employee Rights in Maryland

by Keren P.

Maryland Labor Law, Maryland Labor Laws

What are the Maryland Labor Laws?

Irrespective of you being an employer or employee in Maryland, check out some of these fundamental labor laws in the state:

Minimum wage law in Maryland

The minimum rate of wage in the state of Maryland was fixed at 10.10 USD with effect from July 1, 2018, while it is 12.25 USD for Montgomery County. The minimum wage in Montgomery is applicable for all employers in the state with a minimum of 51 employees and is 12 USD for all employers who have at least 50 employees.  The minimum wage rate in Maryland must be paid to most of the employees in the state.

  1. Tipped employees: These set of employees earn over 30 USD in tips every month. They should earn the Minimum Wage Rate in the state per hour, and employers should pay them a minimum of 3.63 USD per hour. Their combined total of tips and amount should be a minimum of the State Minimum Wage Rate.
  2. Employees below 20-year-old: They should earn a minimum of 85 percent of the State’s Minimum Wage Rate during their initial six months of employment.
  3. Amusement & recreational establishments: They should also pay a minimum of 85 percent of the Minimum Wage Rate to their employees or 7.25 USD, whichever is more.
Maryland Labor Law

Overtime in Maryland

A majority of the state's employees should get 1.5 times their hourly wage rate when they have worked more than forty hours per week. However, here are the exceptions:

  • Agricultural workers for working for more than sixty hours each week
  • Institutions other than hospitals and bowling institutions offering caregiving facilities to disabled, aged, or sick people for working for more than forty-eight hours each week

Leaves in Maryland

Adoption leave in Maryland
The law specifies that employers that offer their employees leave with pay after the birth of the latter's child will provide the same kind of vacation (with pay) to employees who adopt babies.

Vacation leave in Maryland
Employers in the state are no needed to offer paid or unpaid vacation benefits to their employees. However, when an employer opts to offer such benefits, he/she should adhere to the terms of their employment contract or established policy.

  • Employers can also make their employees sign contracts or set a procedure wherein the latter can be disqualified from paying their accrued vacation leave if the latter leave their organization and failing to adhere to specific requirements like giving a notice period of 2 weeks before going.
  • Employers can enter into a written agreement or set a policy denying payment for their employees’ accrued vacation leave when the latter separate from employment.
Maryland Labor Laws

Parental leave in Maryland
According to the law, a qualified employee can avail up to 6 (six) work weeks of parental consent (unpaid) during any time of the one year for their childbirth or for placing the child in a foster care or for adoption.

Shift breaks in Maryland
In Maryland, employees engaged in specific retail establishments are eligible for a nonworking break based on how many hours he/she worked. The law is applicable only for employers that are engaged into a retail franchise with the same trade identity or retail business and have had a minimum of 50 employees for all working days in the previous 20 calendar weeks at least.

Flexible leave in Maryland
The law enables employees who are working for employers with a minimum of 15 workers to avail "leave with pay." Such leaves can be taken when an immediate family member of an employee such as a parent, spouse, or a child is ill. The state regards leave with pay as time spent away from work, but the employee gets payment and includes compensatory time, vacation time, and sick leave.


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