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MealBoard App Reviews: What is the MealBoard App and How to Use It!

by Kelly B.

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What is MealBoard App? MealBoard App Review!

One of the things that people have to think about daily is, ‘What will I eat today?'

Sure, modern-day conveniences have made food more accessible through deliveries, hundreds of shops selling food both online and in the streets. Yet people are busier today than ever before, leaving them with very little time to shop for food, and god forbid, then actually make the time to cook their ingredients into something edible and delicious. It is not that people do not like to cook or that they do not want to cook, but rather that there is a scarcity of time and a lack of organization fueled by increasingly busier lifestyles.

The MealBoard app makes a difference here by acting as a one-stop organizer for all your grocery and cooking requirements. Meal prepping is now easier than ever, and while people hustle at work, this app hustles just as hard to make clear and organized the meal prepping requirements for the week.

MealBoard App

How do you use the MealBoard App?

The MealBoard App is the best food organization and meal prepping app available today. It takes into consideration the various pitfalls people face when it comes to being organized with food.

  • Meal Planning for the Week: On installing and opening the app, the first thing that users will notice is a blank page just waiting to be filled. On clicking the ‘+’ icon, days of the week will pop up where users can choose what meals they would like to prepare that week. Users that have imported recipes into the app, or prepared meals using it before will find that their previous selections are stored in the app. If they want to make something they have made before, they can just select the recipe and add it under whichever day of the week they want to prepare it on.
  • What's in the fridge?: Anyone that has to regulate between a busy work week and grocery shopping knows that it can be very easy to forget to buy something or remember when a particular ingredient is running out. The MealBoard app takes care of this information by keeping track of the food items in the user’s house that add to the app. The app notes when something is running out, what the expiry date of different items are among other useful details and lets users know what they need to stock up on before the ingredient runs out.
  • Scanning Ingredients: Registering food is really easy on the MealBoard app. Users can manually input what they are consuming, or they can take advantage of the built-in barcode scanner to do the same. All they have to do is scan their groceries after purchase and the app will keep a record of when the item was bought, how long it will last, how nutritious it is and how that ingredient can be used in a recipe.
  • Collecting Recipes: The MealBoard app is designed to become a one-stop location for all weekly meal prep requirements, including recipes. The app lets users collect their favorite recipes online. It then sources in that recipe so that users can find and use them anytime they like.
  • Power through Use: The MealBoard App grows more powerful as it learns about the user. What this means is that the more people use the app, the more information it receives about that user's food tastes, habits, and lifestyle. Users will find that over time, the app will be able to recommend recipes or meal prepping ideas based on what the user typically cooks in a week.

The MealBoard App is the best and most convenient way to ensure that weekly meal prep organization becomes as easy as pie.


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