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Miami Police Departments: Information, Websites, Contact Information and More

by Felix J.

Miami Police Departments, City of Miami Police Department

Miami Police Departments Information

The Miami Police exist to provide security to areas including the Miami-Dade County, Miami Lakes, Palmetto Bay, and Cutler Bay. Specialized patrol teams of the Miami police render their services to the airport, seaport, and marine areas. The department also has SWAT teams, motorcycle, and bomb disposal squads.

The Miami Police Department swears by integrity, respects, and service which are the hallmarks of an effective police force. The Miami Police department is committed to the ethical conduct of its officers and maintain a healthy level of trust with the public. The Police force also swears by accountability, professionalism, and fairness of service within its ranks. In fact, the Miami Police Department’s vision is to maintain its image as a model law enforcement organization built on the fundamentals of blending strategic planning with community concerns.

Police Volunteer Programs:

Promoting and ensuring safety, education, and welfare of all citizens is paramount to the Miami Police Department and in line with this thought process, the Police Department has initiated a number of programs that contributes to society positively.

Miami Police Departments
Citizens voluntary program: The primary function of this program is for citizens to help the Miami Police do its job better. The Citizen voluntary program helps the force to elevate its overall efficiency levels. Volunteers are not expected to work in actual law enforcement or dangerous and life-threatening situations.

However, their contribution is very helpful because with the volunteers having their ear to the ground, they act as an early warning system to possible crimes that may be evolving. They also help in clerical work at the Police department office. Some duties that volunteers do are reception desk assistance, data entry duties, public information assistance, and general office duties.

There are more than 100 volunteers working and partnering with the Miami Police Department in non-interventional duties and responsibilities. This helps the department to regulate a larger number of police officers to the streets of Miami to fight crime effectively and efficiently.

You can contact the citizen’s Volunteer Program on 305-471-1945


Police Explorers: The Police Explorer Program is an initiative that concentrates on members of the community in the age group of fourteen to seventeen. This program is designed to educate teenagers to see law enforcement in a positive perspective. These teenagers who enroll in this program are called Police Explorers. Police Explorers interact with members of the law enforcement community and get a deeper and mature understanding of the functions of law enforcement.

Contact Police Explorers on: 305-471-2912


Citizen’s Advisory Committee

Each police district in Miami has a Citizens Advisory Committee. This committee meets with the district command staff police officer to discuss and solve issues concerning traffic and road problems, noise, graffiti, criminal activity, gang activity, vendors on the streets without a license, etc.

City of Miami Police Department

The Miami Police Department has come under the scanner of the Department of Justice (DOJ) twice since 2002. Allegations of high handedness and excessive use of force in criminal apprehension were investigated. It was also found that the intentional shooting of suspects was carried out on 33 separate occasions and tactics against the code of conduct was implemented. The Department of Justice after a detailed investigation came to the decision that they were justified.

Speeding: A Miami Police Department officer was speeding at about 120 mph when a state trooper gave a chase. On apprehension, it was thought that the patrol car was stolen and therefore the Miami Police Department officer was arrested at gunpoint. This was the beginning of an ugly feud that broke out between the Miami Police Department and Florida Highway Patrol. The Miami officer was in due course of time initially suspended with pay in July 2012 and later terminated from the Miami Police Department on September 2012.


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