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Michael Jackson: The Life and Death of the Pop Sensation

by Kelly B.

Michael Jackson, Michael Jackson Biography

Everything You Need to Know about Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson was a very famous songwriter, singer, and dancer. One of the greatest dancer in the world. He had started his career in June 1988. Jackson's appearance was very dramatically in the 1980s. He was a solo artist and had a unique style and fashion.


Jackson used to give more importance to makeup and autobiography. His first movie name called as bad, which was released in 1987 and won the major hit of the year. He accomplished everything in the industry. He was producing many solo album songs. Jackson's sixth album was very hit in the industry. Skin lightening and bleaching may comfort for his appearance, but he had many skin problems.

His nose was thinner compared to before, his eyelids were tattooed, and the most dramatic change was his skin color. Michael has always insisted that the changes of color in his skin are the result of a rare dermatological disease and not that of cosmetic surgery. That could be true, but what cannot be denied is that long ago, his face became his canvas on which to create an idealized self-image.

Michael Jackson
Attention and Curiosity 

Music publishing and collaborating with film creators had shown his major concentration. He released and sold a lot of album for making money. There were a not as much of promotional expenditures for selling his album. He had grown because of multiple personalities. Still, no one breaks his records in the industry.


Because of Jackson's support and charities, many people overcome from alcohol. A lot of campaign organized by Jackson's provision and around 20 countries were supported for his campaign of social awareness; the world respected his activities. Jackson had awarded by the government for his public service annulments.

Michael Jackson Videography

Jackson released the “Black or white,” which was very famed videography in the domain. Environmental themes and displaying the animal images were major advantages for realization. It was the most fashionable video and costly video. He always taped his finger while dancing. The ultimate performer ever survived in the world.

Michael Jackson Biography

Younger Generation

Dance move and eye-popping were the best roles of his dance. Hence the younger generation liked his performance.  His dance move called such as Crotch grabs, Anti-gravity lean, Circle side, side slide, The MJ Spin, The Kick, Toe stand, the robot, etc.… He started working these versatile personalities, which advantages of his growth. The most attracted dances were the love of the earth, it liked for those who were modern dancers in the industry. He became popular for the moonwalk dance. I have a book with pictures of young Michael showing off his karate moves. He incorporated karate his dancing and all those kicks. A musical wonder from a youthful age.

Michael Jackson Interest and Hobbies

Reading, balloon fights, climbing trees, Singing, and drawing were the major hobbies of Jackson. His favorite food was Mexican and Sushi. Generally, Jackson drank the mineral water, carrot juice, almond milk, etc.. He had been influenced by the story dancers and musicians. Most of the facts similar to me also. He liked the red and black color, and it was his favorite color also. I believe that it is important to focus on the details of the song because it brings that piece of music to life.

Michael Jackson Footprints

Jackson was able to touch the hearts of the nation and suggest the positive change in every single one. Much like his career, his things in the world will live on. Michael Jackson was a great figure who benefitted society and the music industry by inspiring the nation to look beyond the color of skin, setting different standards in music, and motivating more efforts through his own.


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