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Michigan Child Custody Laws

by Alvin V.

Michigan Child Custody Laws, Child Custody Laws in Michigan

Michigan Child Custody Laws

In the State of Michigan, Child Custody Laws are often determined on the best interests of the child. The courts in the state use various factors in order to determine what will be the most beneficial to the child. Thus, the child custody arrangements that are made are always in tandem with the requirements of the child. Almost every state works accordingly to the best interests of the child, but all of them have varying factors in order to determine what these ‘best interests’ really are.

Child Custody Laws in Michigan

Built especially to serve the best interests of the child, the Child Custody Laws in the State of Michigan include the following:

  • The mental and physical heat of the parents, and whether the physical health of one parent will hamper their ability to fully care for their child.
  • If there has been any history of domestic violence in the family. If there has been, then the victim will get sole custody of the child, and the perpetrator will not be able to meet either the child or the victim, according to the Child Custody Law.
Michigan Child Custody Laws
  • The preference of the child and what they want is given utmost importance if the court determines that the child has reached as age where they are able to correctly make their own decisions, as they know what is best for them. Usually, the courts give preference to the needs of the child once they hit the age of 12 or more.
  • The stability of the home environment that the child is currently in. If the child has been living with one parent for a significant amount of time, and has no problems in the arrangement, and if the arrangement has been working out well for both the child as well as the parent, the judge will not uproot the child from that setting and order them to live with the other parent.
  • In order to determine child custody, the judge will also see the living arrangements of both the parents, and determine which parent has the maximum ability to provide for the continuing and growing needs of the child, without hampering their own economic condition.

Child Custody Laws in Michigan

Child Custody Laws also look at the moral fitness of both the parents, to see whether they will be harmful to the mental health of the child in any way. In addition to this, they will also check the surroundings of the child, such as their school, neighborhood, and their community. Once again, according to the Child Custody Laws in Michigan. The judges will not separate the child from its parent if they find that the present living condition of the child is the most conducive for their mental health.

Modifying Child Custody in Michigan

According to Michigan Child Custody Laws, a judge will only modify the living conditions of a child if they find that the child has been living in a condition which is not beneficial to their mental and physical health and that their present living conditions thwart their progression into becoming a healthy adult. In addition, the child custody law also states that courts will look to see whether an established custodial environment exists for the child- this means that the child has stayed in one place for so long, that they have become accustomed to depending on the elders of the place to fulfill their needs. If the courts find that the child is lacking in the fulfillment of their basic needs, then they are immediately uprooted from the place and are immediately entrusted to the care of the other parent, or to a primary guardian, determined by the state.


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