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20 Craziest Laws in Michigan

by Rick J.

Craziest Laws in Michigan, Craziest Michigan Laws

Michigan Crazy Laws

Traveling through Michigan offers plenty of adventures; from the largest limestone quarry of Rogers City, through the many shorelines, to the famous deep-dish pizza – Michigan has got it all! In addition to all its wonders, Michigan also has some pretty laws that are still in effect. So, dive into the historic ages of Michigan, and enjoy learning some of the craziest laws in Michigan.

Weirdest Laws in Michigan

Women cannot cut their hair without their husband's permission

So better think twice before you get a hair appointment in Michigan.

You can only have sex in your driveway

Those of you who want to get raunchy in a parked car, better do it in your driveway. Anywhere else is illegal.

You can keep your cow on Main Street

In Wayland, Michigan, you can keep your cow on Main Street for the low, low price of three cents a day. Talk about a bargain!

Putt-putt gulf is prohibited after 1:00 AM

 Sec. 5-2-6. "Hours for golf driving ranges, putting greens, miniature golf courses. No miniature golf course, practice or driving courses or putting greens shall be operated between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m." (Code 1964, § 5-2-22; Ord. No. 500-H, § 1, 5-5-82).

Craziest Laws in Michigan
You can get a bounty for delivering rat heads

If you want to get some extra pocket money, why not collect rat heads? The people of Michigan can get a 10-cent bounty for every rat head they bring to a town office.

There is a limit on alcohol in Candy

In the state of Michigan, candy cannot contain more than 1% alcohol.

Women cannot be on top during sex

Yes, that is correct. Women are prohibited from being on top during sexual acts performed in Michigan.

It is illegal to defecate on your neighbor

We strongly advise you not to do this in any state, and not just Michigan. It can lead to some pretty awkward tenants' meetings.

Delivering diapers on a Sunday is illegal

So stock up on diapers on Friday, at the latest.

Seducing and corrupting a single girl is illegal

750.532 Seduction; punishment.

Sec. 532.Punishment. "Any man who shall seduce and debauch any unmarried woman shall be guilty of a felony, punishable by imprisonment in the state prison, not more than 5 years or by fine of not more than 2,500 dollars; but no prosecution shall be commenced under this section after 1 year from the time of committing the offense."

Burglars can sue their victims

Breaking into homes doesn't come without its hazards; so, to protect burglars, it is actually legal for intruders to sue their victims if they suffered an injury during the break-in.

Craziest Michigan Laws

You cannot scowl your wife on Sundays

In Detroit, men cannot scowl their wives on Sundays. Better save the scowling for Monday.

Painting sparrows is forbidden

In Michigan, it is illegal to paint sparrows and sell them off as parakeets.

Farmers cannot sleep with their livestock

We can't imagine who can relax with all that noise around… but nevertheless, farmers in Michigan cannot sleep with their cows, pigs, chickens, horses, and goats.

Adultery is illegal in Michigan

Cheating on one's spouse is punishable by law, but only of the affected party files a complaint: "750.30 Adultery; punishment. Sec. 30.

Punishment. "Any person who shall commit adultery shall be guilty of a felony; and when the crime is committed between a married woman and a man who is unmarried, the man shall be guilty of adultery, and liable to the same punishment."

 750.31 Adultery; complaint and time of prosecution.Sec. 31.

Complainant and time prosecution to be commenced. "No prosecution for adultery, under the preceding section, shall be commenced, but on the complaint of the husband or wife; and no such prosecution shall be commenced after 1 year from the time of committing the offense.'

Kids can smoke

Yes, it is legal for children in Michigan to smoke. However! They cannot purchase cigarettes.

It is illegal to smoke in bed

We strongly support this law. Why? Well, let's just say that falling asleep with a cigarette in your mouth can lead to very unpleasant results.

Crazy Laws
It is illegal to deface a milk carton

Yes, no hurting milk cartons! Those who break this law can be fined up to $10.

You cannot purchase goods with bullets

In Michigan, bullets cannot be used as currency. So, you better earn those greens if you want to buy something.

It is illegal to throw hoop skirts to the street

In Grand Haven, it is against the law to throw out abandoned hoop skirts to the street or sidewalk. Breaking this law is punishable with a hefty fine of $5.

Well, what did you think about Michigan's craziest laws? Do you think the laws where you come from can top it? If you want to read about more of the craziest laws in the United States, go to GoLookUp.


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