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Midland Police Departments: Information, Websites, Contact Information and More

by Felix J.

Midland Police Departments, City of Midland Police Department

Midland Police Departments Information

The Midland Police Departments is responsible for law enforcement in the city of Midland, which is the county seat of Midland in Texas state.

About the Midland Police Department

The City of Midland Police Department handles law enforcement activities in the city of Midland. Its jurisdiction is spread over an area of 71.3 square miles in the city that has a population of 142,344.

The Midland Police Department is under the supervision of the city council. The head of the Midland Police department is the Chief of Police. Seth Herman is the present Chief of Police. The department is accredited at the national level by CALEA (Commission for Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies).

Midland Police Department Address:

601, N Loraine,

Midland TX 79701.

(432) 685 7108 is the phone number of the department. For any emergency, one can call 911.

The Midland Police Department Email addresses are not shared. Citizens can connect with the department through their social media pages. is the Facebook page. is the Instagram page. is the Twitter page of the police station.

The Midland Police Department Website is

Midland Police Department Organization

The Police Department in Midland is headed by the Chief of Police. The department is organized into four bureaus. Each of the bureaus is headed by a Deputy Chief. There are Managers and Lieutenants to assist the Deputy Chiefs. Sergeants and officers carry out operational work. The bureaus in the department are:

Administrative Service bureau, which deals with the overall administration of the department. Recruitment and training of personnel are also handled by the bureau. The Internal Affairs team and the Office of Professional Conduct are under this bureau.

Midland Police Departments

The Field Operations Bureau manages law enforcement operations in the field. It is responsible for city patrol and has the following units:

  • Commercial vehicle enforcement
  • Hit and run investigation
  • Patrol
  • Traffic
  • Special operations

The Investigative Services Bureau manages crime investigations in the city. It has the following units:

  • Special Investigation Division
  • Narcotics Unit
  • Property Crimes Unit
  • Investigation Division
  • SAFE (Sex offender Awareness Facts and Enforcement)
  • Crime Victim Liaison
  • Crime scene investigation unit
  • Auto theft unit
  • Juvenile unit

The Support Services Bureau handles airport-related operations, supply, police records, telephone unit, and property & evidence.

How to file a police report?

A police report on crimes can be filed by residents by calling the telephone line. It is available for 24 hours. For emergencies, one must always contact 911. Over the telephone, one can file police reports on crimes like:

  • Theft
  • Lost property
  • Vehicle theft
  • Runaway cases and Missing complaints
  • Criminal mischief
  • Harassment over telephone
  • Violation of protection orders
City of Midland Police Department

The following reports need to be given in person and can be done at the police station:

  • Assault
  • Forgery
  • Identity theft
  • Credit card/debit card fraud
  • Found property
  • Child custody violation

Events and Programs

The department has a number of events and programs to work with the community to ensure effective law enforcement. These programs include:

  • Women’s self-defense class, including special training of RAPE aggression defense.
  • Cadet program, for high school graduates over 18 years for recruitment as police cadet to get on the job training, while at college.
  • Explorers program, for youngsters to learn about police careers.
  • Community Camera program, to link surveillance systems with the department to ensure crime prevention.
  • Citizens on Patrol, that trains citizens to carry out a patrol of their neighborhoods.
  • Citizen Police Academy offers a program for citizens to learn about the department and its operations.
  • Lock it or lose it is an initiative to prevent theft from vehicles and vehicles thefts.
  • National night out, to know one’s neighbors and make the neighborhood safe.


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