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The Top 10 Minecraft-Inspired Games

by Garry S.

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The Top 10 Minecraft-Inspired Games

The video game Minecraft has acquired a legendary status both in popular culture and in mainstream media. Due to the unique world-building capabilities and the freedom that it offers, the world of Minecraft has turned into a mini-universe, where each detail has been hand-crafted by players.

One of the unique features of the game is its voxel-based simplistic aesthetics and the easy to learn yet powerful gameplay. Do not let the game’s simple appearance fool you; players have created in-game working computers and smartphones capable of video-conferencing with actual smartphones. These are just some of the basic examples that illustrate the possibilities of the game. Players can choose to roam in cities created by other players, carry out missions of various difficulties or mine resources and make their creations.


Minecraft has opened up a world of new possibilities that game developers can now try out. There are several compelling games that are out there that are trying to put their own spin on the concepts previously perfected by Minecraft. This does not only offer new avenues but also capitalizes on the popular trend set by Minecraft.

  • Terraria- Terraria looks like a typical Metroidvania at first glance, but the game is heavily based on a survival-crafting mechanism that has players fishing for resources and exploring the world. Players can craft homes and armaments, and the playstyle feels more structured than Minecraft.
  • Block Fortress- Block Fortress falls under those categories of games that are directly inspired by the simplistic world capabilities of Minecraft. Block Fortress combines the crafting and designing aspects of Minecraft with modified tower defense style gameplay. The player has to defend the base by designing various defense towers and walls that are going to fend off the oncoming horde.
  • The Blockheads- The Blockheads is a 2D crafting game where players can even open their own shops in the world. The graphics take a heavier inspiration from the voxel design of Minecraft and has 3D shades on construction blocks. The game gives control of more than one character in the game and offers a complex management style of game mechanics.
  • Guncrafter- Released by Naquatic, the Guncrafter has an extremely simple premise similar to Minecraft. The game offers the opportunity to create your own guns and test it out against other creators in shooting ranges.
  • Blocky Roads- Blocky Roads might seem like a crude game that adopted Minecraft aesthetics mainly due to its simplicity. But in reality, it is a high-quality 2D racer that allows for customizations of the vehicles that players drive.
Minecraft Games Free
  • Cubemen- Those who loved the idea of Block Fortress will surely enjoy playing Cubemen. The game is more offensive in design when compared with Block Fortress and allows players to invest resources in not only building their structures and defenses but also offensive units which can take out opponents.
  • The Sandbox- The Sandbox is a game that is primarily focused on the creative and building concepts, developed by Minecraft. Instead of an open, expansive world, the player is given one screen and over 200 elements to tweak around with and bring their creations to life.
  • Survivalcraft- This game was first released around the same time as Minecraft: Pocket Edition but is categorically built for the smartphone medium. The game is pretty immersive and huge going by the fact that it has been created by an indie studio.
  • Minecraft Story Mode- The Minecraft story mode is an in-game narrative created by Telltale and incorporates just right elements that make it feel authentic and true to the universe.
  • Pixel Gun 3D - This probably the most popular Minecraft inspired shooter that’s out there that takes the simplistic, blocky graphics and combines it with death-match style gameplay.
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