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17 Craziest Laws in Mississippi

by Rachel M.

Craziest Laws in Mississippi, Craziest Mississippi Laws

Weird Mississippi Laws

The birthplace of the beloved Teddy Bear, Mississippi has quite an interesting history; the state name comes from an Ojibwa word that means "gathering of waters or great river", its official beverage is milk and it is home to the rarest crane of North America. These are just some of the facts that make Mississippi interesting, but not the only ones. Like the rest of the states in the country, Mississippi's past is laced with some pretty weirds laws. In the following articles, we will go on a river journey that will lead us to the craziest laws in Mississippi, so buckle up!

Weirdest Laws in Mississippi

It is against the law to teach people about polygamy

If you want to let people know about this alternative way of living, you better not do it in Mississippi. It is illegal!

You can arrest people who disturb a church service

Yes, that’s right! You can play Johnny law in Mississippi whenever you see someone disturbing a church service.

It is illegal to sell cat meat

Please, please, please do not violate this law… treat kitties nicely!

You cannot install burglar doors that are visible from the street

Sec. 18-3. Security/burglar bars: "(a) Exterior security/burglar bars on doors and windows are not allowed within the city on buildings used for commercial or industrial purposes which would be visible from the street or adjacent structures.

(b) Security/burglar bars shall be allowed on the interior of all buildings. Security/burglar doors shall be allowed only if they are placed on the interior side of a normal exterior door."

Craziest Laws in Mississippi

You cannot honk a horn that may scare horses

If you need to let people know that they are not playing nicely on the road, don't do it when there are horses nearby. It is illegal to scare them with horns!

It is illegal to kill someone's servant

Aside from the obvious "no murder law", there is a special addition in Mississippi; you are strictly prohibited from killing a person's servant.

You cannot propose to women with the intent to seduce them

If you propose to a lady in Mississippi, you better be serious about it; proposing to women with the sole purpose of seducing them is against the law.

Cursing in public is illegal

Don't have a potty mouth while you are in public in Mississippi; using profane language when you are out and about can lead to a fine of up to $100!

Craziest Mississippi Laws

Vagrancy is against the law

97-35-39. Vagrants; penalty for vagrancy; bond. "Whenever any person shall have been convicted of being a vagrant, the justice of the peace or mayor or police justice by whom such person was tried shall commit the person to jail for not less than ten nor more than thirty days, or shall require such person to give bond, with sufficient security, to be approved by said justice or mayor or police justice, in any sum not less than two hundred and one dollars, for the future industry and good conduct of such person for one year from the date of giving of such bond."

No one may walk dogs without a diaper

No room for accidents in Temperance, Mississippi; dog owners must put a diaper on their pets when they are on a walk.

It is illegal to have sex in bars

If you feel the need to get wild, don't do it in a Ridgeland bar. You and your partner will be thrown into jail.

You cannot fish by using an Uzi

Well, we can imagine that using this heavy weapon will not only cause some waves but evaporate the fish. So, leave your Uzi at home when you go fishing.

You cannot shave on Main Street

 In the city of Tylertown, there is actually a law that prohibits shaving on Main Street.

Crazy Laws

You cannot drive around the town square 100 times in a row

Who among us hasn't felt the urge to get in the car, fire up the ignition and just drive around the main square 100 times? Well, you better not do more than 99 in Oxford, Mississippi. They have laws for that.

You cannot cheer for no reason

We are still in Oxford with this one… there is a law in the city that prohibits people from cheering for no reason.

The fine for waving a gun is larger than shooting it

Shooting a gun is a big no-no, but waving it in Mississippi is even worse!

It is illegal for men to be sexually aroused in Public

So keep it in your pants, at all times.

Well, what did you think about Mississippi's craziest laws? Do you think the laws where you come from can top it? If you want to read about more of the craziest laws in the United States, go to GoLookUp.


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