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Mississippi Employment Law Explained in Full

by Toni S.

Mississippi Employment Law, Mississippi Employment Laws

Mississippi Employment Laws: What are Employment Laws in Mississippi?

The Mississippi employment laws provide greater protections to employees than federal law, including health care continuation coverage, obligations for smaller employers, but it generally follows the federal law concerning topics such as occupational safety. Mississippi has one of the best proposals that involve various employee rights concerning minimum wage, equal pay, the hiring process, and more. The Department of Labor is also an excellent resource for different Mississippi employee rights.

Employee Rights in the Hiring Process
There are several federal laws, and state laws that protect an individual during the hiring process and the majority of these laws protect the prospective applicant against discrimination, unlawful drug testing, and access to personal files.
The following federal laws control Mississippi employee rights within the hiring process-
Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964- It protects Mississippi employee's rights as it deals with race, color, religion, sex, or national origin, and more.

Age Discrimination Act of 1963 - It protects the rights of employees who are 40 years old or older.
Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act of - It states that the state will protect a disabled person's rights at the workplace in federal, state, and local government. Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act - It prohibits the discrimination of employees based on genetic information.

Mississippi Employment Law

Equal Pay in Mississippi
These equal pay acts prohibit an employer from sex-based discrimination of employees within the same job title and responsibilities title and responsibilities. The Fair Pay and Equal Pay Acts also prohibit an employer from remunerating employees who have equal experience and skill with different wages based on gender or any categories under discrimination laws.

Minimum Wage in Mississippi
The current minimum wage in Mississippi is $7.25. There are various employee rights about minimum wage laws that allow the employee to negotiate their salary or make a claim against unfair wages. The employees who receive minimum wage operate under the same overtime rules as people who have higher pay rates.  Some laws exist to help both employers and employees understand their rights and responsibilities, and help establish a standard for healthy working conditions.
Drug Testing in Mississippi
An employer in Mississippi is free to subject prospective job applicants to submit to a neutral selection of alcohol and drug testing as a condition of employment. An employer who chooses to do the test is required to notify the potential employee of the drug and alcohol testing in writing that they may be tested. The notice must be provided upon submission of the application and before the collection of the test specimen.

Mississippi Employment Laws

Payment of Wages in Mississippi
In Mississippi, it is mandatory for an employer to pay the full amount of wages that is due to their employees in cash, or checks that can be cashed out in full at banks where these arrangements have been made for cashing without difficulty. An employer is free to pay by direct deposit or payroll debit cards if certain conditions can be met.

Payment Statements in Mississippi
An employer in Minnesota is required to furnish each employee with a statement of deductions that are made from his or her wages for each pay period in which there have been deductions made.

Rate of payment in Mississippi
Nonexempt employees are liable to be paid at least semimonthly, on regular payday the amount that is designated in advance. An employer can establish regular paydays that occur less frequently than semimonthly provided that the employees are paid fully at least monthly.

Wage Deductions in Mississippi
An employer is allowed to make any deductions necessary from employees' wages that are required by federal or state law or that are authorized by the employee. These deductions can include contributions to benefit plans, payment into their personal savings account, or charitable donations.


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