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Missouri Voting Registration Information and Registration Process

by Rick S.

Register to Vote Missouri, Missouri Register to Vote

How to Register to Vote in Missouri?

To vote in the U.S., you must first register to vote. Registration can be done in person at your local county clerk office and various other offices, online, via mail or in writing.

Qualifications required to vote in Missouri 

  • Age – You should be a minimum age of 17.5 years to register to vote and at least 18 years old by the day of the election.
  • Citizenship – You must be a United States citizen
  • Residency – You must be a resident of Missouri.
  • Mentally competent – You must not be judged as mentally incompetent in any court of law.
  • Convicted felon – After receiving a felony conviction, you cannot vote while serving prison, probation or parole time. Besides, individuals who have felony convictions or even misdemeanors with any connection to voting are not permitted to vote as well.

Identification requirements in Missouri 
You should mention your driver’s license number or social security number on the application. You can leave the required box blank if you have neither one of them.

Register to Vote Missouri

Acquiring a voter registration form in Missouri

In person – Individuals who want to register can do so at their local County Clerk's Office. For those who are part of a designated state agency service programme, like the Division of Family Services, WIC or the Military Recruitment, can apply at these agencies itself. People who are asking for a fresh driver's license or renewal of one can ask at their driving license office. Others may also apply at a library.

Via mail or in writing – Download the form and mail the completed printout to the county clerk’s office in your area of residence.

Fax – Check with your county clerk’s office if the form can be faxed to you. Alternatively, you can put in a request for an application to be sent to you in the post.

Online – You can also fill in the application online.

Registration deadline

If you have chosen the option of mailing in your registration application, it should be postmarked by the fourth Wednesday before the election day. For those individuals who prefer to register in person, you must do so by the election day deadline.

Missouri Register to Vote

Absentee ballot qualifications in Missouri

Any person registered to vote who is unable to do so at their polling place can cast their absentee ballot vote anytime from a period of 6 weeks before the election day. A person is permitted to vote in the absence if he or she is unable to be present in the jurisdiction where he or she is a registered voter. Other reasons include incapacitation due to physical disability or any illness or if the person is the primary caregiver of a person who is physically disabled or has any disease.

Voters can be also be excused from voting in person due to a religious practice or belief that prohibits them from doing so. Individuals who are employed as election authorities or as members of election authorities whose polling places are different than theirs may also be eligible. Individuals whose safety is a priority and who are certified participants in the address confidentiality program, which is established under sections 589.660 to 589.681 may also apply.

Voters may source their absentee ballots in person through the election authority in their area of residence or via mail. Those requesting mail, who have not as yet submitted in a copy of their identification, will be required to meet the identification requirements. This will most likely be the case if the voter has registered by mail as well. Once completed, the forms have to be submitted in person or mailed to their local election authority. Online applications are not accepted.

For more information visit the official Missouri Secretary of State site at –



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