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Modesto Police Departments: Information, Websites, Contact Information and More

by Cynthia G.

Modesto Police Departments, City of Modesto Police Department

Modesto Police Departments Information

The Modesto Police Departments is the Law Enforcement Agency in the city of Modesto, Stanislaus County in California.

About the Department

The City of Modesto Police Department has its jurisdiction in the city of Modesto over a total land area of 42.97 square miles. Modesto has a population of 204,106. The city is the 18th largest in the state.

The Modesto Police managed by the city council, under the overall supervision of the city manager. The head of the department is the Chief of Modesto Police. The present Chief is Galen Caroll. There are 240 sworn officers involved in police work, with 92 professional staff to help them.

The Modesto Police Department Address

600 10th Street,

Modesto, CA 95354.

For any emergency, one can dial 911. For all other issues, the phone number to contact the police department is (209) 572 9500.

The Modesto Police Department Email address is

The Modesto Police Department’s website is 

Modesto Police Departments

The police chief heads the Modesto Police Department. The Assistant Police Chief helps the chief in his work. There are many divisions in the department that handle the work assigned to them.

The Operations Division is headed by a Captain who is assisted by a Lieutenant. The department has the following units that ensure operations of law enforcement in the city:

  • Area Commands
  • Beat Health
  • Crime Prevention
  • Traffic
  • K9
  • Bike Patrol
  • Equestrian
  • Crisis Response Team
  • Homeless Engagement and Response Team

The Investigative Services Division is headed by a Captain with a Lieutenant to assist. The units that carry out investigative work in the city are:

  • Violent Crimes Unit
  • Special Crimes
  • Property Crimes
  • High Tech Crimes
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Narcotics Enforcement Team
  • Street Gang Unit
  • Stanislaus Drug Enforcement Agency
  • Central Valley Drug Intelligence Taskforce

Support Services Division is headed by a Captain and assisted by a Lieutenant with two Records Managers. The units working under support services are:

  • Records
  • Training Unit
  • Animal Control
  • Property and Evidence
  • Administrative Services
  • IT
  • Hiring
  • Background check
  • Explorers
  • Reserves
  • Volunteers
  • Cadets

Internal Affairs Unit looks into complaints against department staff.

City of Modesto Police Department
Joining the Police

The process of joining the Modesto police department requires clearing the POST-Entry-level examination. A score of more than 45 is needed for applications to be processed. Applications can be submitted when a vacancy is advertised. Physical agility test, polygraph exam, background check, Medical exam, psychological exam, and oral interview need to be completed before selection.

Crime Reporting

When there is an emergency, citizens are requested to call 911. Else, they can call the main phone number of the department or email. They can even visit any of the police stations. It is possible to file a police report online for non-emergency issues. This can be done by visiting

Crime Prevention

The department has many initiatives to prevent crime. These include:

  • Alarm Response information that uses verified responses to prevent false alarms.
  • Crime mapping is used to ensure residents are aware of crimes in their areas.
  • Crime prevention unit works with the community and focuses on schools and civic groups to partner and prevent the occurrence of crimes in the city. The neighborhood watch program is a part of crime prevention.
  • Crime Stoppers is a county-level initiative enabling the public to report crimes and get cash rewards. is the website to report crimes and get rewarded.
  • Megan’s Law CD ROM is available with a sex offenders list in the department.
  • Vacation house check initiative ensures homeowners can go on vacation peacefully without worrying about their homes being burgled.
  • Neighbors by Ring helps to connect citizens, security cameras, and law enforcement teams.


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