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Must Know About Inventions!

by Perry H.

Inventions, Most Influential Inventions

Most Influential Inventions that Changed the World!

Inventions play that revolutionary role of changing the world and the lives of people over and over again through history.

There are many such findings which are marked as the historic inventions, including Thomas Edison first working phonograph. Some of the inventions thoroughly transformed the world as we see today.

Here are some of the top picks of revolutionary inventions that changed the world:

The Internet
The internet was the project undertaken by the US Department of defense called as ARPANET. Communication, irrespective of the distances, has become much easier with this invention.

In the 1990's, the creation of the World Wide Web by Tim Berners-Lee plays the key role in transforming human lives.

Electricity was finally developed in the 18th and 19th centuries after the continual efforts of a lot of inventors and scientists - each contributing their idea of what is modern-day electrical technology.

The Computer
This is considered as one of the Humans greatest inventions. Computers were primarily built to solve complex mathematical calculations.

The computers of the past have progressed into machines which are used to graph the movement of stars and rocks in space in advance.


The Wheel
Considered to be the first invention that changed the future of mankind, Wheel is thought to have first appeared in Mesopotamia around 3500 BC.

In today's world, whether it is travel or transportation, everything is carried out in ease due to this invention.

The Light Bulb

Around the 1800s, the efforts to create an electric bulb was started. The invention of these bulbs enlightened humanity from the dependence of just daylight.


This was the antecedent in communication before the invention of the telephone. The long-distance communication was able to be performed without depending on the messengers.

The Printing Press

This invention played a major role in the industrial revolution. Even the poor communities had access to afford newspapers and get to know the information of things happening around them.

The Wright Brothers and the airplane

One of the most innovative creations, airplane invention, made humans possible to cover thousands of miles in a matter of few hours.


Marie Curie’s discovery and measurement of radioactivity played a key role in the welfare of mankind.

The use of X-ray machines saved the lives of thousands of people in ailments.


Box Camera

This invention, developed by George Eastman, gave easy photography access to the public. People could capture their lifetime memories in a matter of a few seconds.

Motor Carriage

Beginning development in 1895, this was considered as the first modern automobile. Electrical ignition and a water-cooled internal combustion engine were used in its production.


Robots have been around us since the twentieth century in different forms,

performing everything from fire-fighting to carpentry. Their multitasking ability enables to perform any number of tedious or dangerous chores on a daily basis.

industrial revolution inventions

Sewing Machine

During the first industrial revolution, sewing machines came into existence. These were invented to decrease the amount of manual sewing work performed in clothing companies.

In today's world, sewing machines have hugely evolved and are used to stitch clothes with various complex designs and patterns.


Dutch spectacle makers Zacharias and Hans, a father and son team, discovered that nearby objects could be seen in an enlarged form when they look through a specially shaped lens. 

The invention of the microscope has contributed to a huge form in detecting various small bacteria and enzymes in the human body.


Hans Lippershey created a convex lens and concave eyepiece that enabled the creation of the telescope.

The year followed to this; Galileo Galilei built on the early designs to create a much more powerful telescope.

This enabled to see the heavens and understand the places of planets in the galaxy.

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