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How to Remove Personal Information from

If you were ever arrested, you will have to go through a booking process at the local station where you were arrested. Part of this process is having your photo taken for the police records. This picture is referred to as a mugshot. The word “mugshot” comes from the British word “mug” which refers to a face, and shot, which refers to a picture. This record is kept and shared by law enforcement agencies in order to be able to identify you in the future. This picture in many cases can be put on websites that publicize mugshots such as Removal

It is common to attempt to remove your mugshot and personal information from this site and other such sites, especially if you are trying to get a job, or just want to ensure your privacy, however, it is not always as simple as it sounds. This article will explain how mugshots work as well as how to remove them from public sites. 

What is a Mugshot? 

A mugshot is a portrait taken of someone when they are being arrested. It typically comprises of a side profile of the individual arrested as well as a frontal portrait. While in the 21st century, essentially ever law enforcement agency around the world uses mugshots to keep track of criminals it was not always this way.

The first time instance in which mugshots became a standard practice was in France in 1888, however, its usefulness became apparent and quickly spread around the world as the new norm when dealing with criminal files. Aside from mugshots being used by law enforcement to keep a record of what a criminal looks like it is also used in cases to find criminals or issue warrants, wanted posters and warnings to the public.

Are Mugshots Public Record? 

The Freedom of Information Act which was passed in 1966 obligates both state and federal agencies to provide access to anything that is considered public record. In the United States, records related to crime are typically available to the public in order to protect law-abiding citizens. There has been a trend to allow for the expungement of records to become an easier process for rehabilitated criminals so they can find jobs faster and continue their lives as law-abiding citizens, but there is still a long way to go in that fight and it is still a long process to expunge criminal records. Opt Out

How to Remove Your Mugshot from 

Removing traces of an arrest can be a harrying process but if your mugshot is available online for anyone to see this can pose as an issue for job searching, entering new relationships, or renting an apartment or house. This is due to the fact that many landlords or employers will run a google or background search on potential employees or renters. Unfortunately, does not provide instruction at all as to how to remove your arrest information and mugshot from their website. However, it is still possible to do so through various services. 

The sites that offer mugshot removal services typically ask for a fee, usually around 400 dollars. However, if you were able to get your arrest record expunged, you can reach out to any website that has posted your mugshot and ask them to take it down based on the expungement. With you can ask them to remove your information through the contact form on their homepage. You will have to provide proof of expungement in this case. You can also hire a lawyer to remove the mugshots for you, but this is the most expensive option.

Although does not have an opt-out option, you should initially reach out to them via the contact form and ask for them to remove your information, in most cases they will comply with your request despite the fact that the information is technically public record. 

Third-Party Sites to Remove Your Information 

This site specializes in removing mugshots off the internet. The service claims to be able to get your arrest mugshots off the internet in as little as 24 hours. The company employs a team of professionals that utilize policies of websites combined with federal and state laws, and a variety of other proprietary content removal techniques in order to remove mugshot photos and arrest records from websites and google search results. You simply need to enter your name, email and the URL of the page in which your mugshots are located and submit your request. A representative will then get back to you within a day. If they are unable to remove your information from the site, they will return your money.

This service specializes in eliminating negative content, defamation, and private information from internet search engines and websites. The service claims to be able to remove all public records about you from any websites, including mugshots. You will need to provide your name, email, phone number and include a link to the site which is publishing your information and a content removal specialist will get in touch with you to schedule a consultation explaining how they can remove your mugshot from the web. 

how to remove mugshots online 

This site offers a total removal solution to arrest records and associated mugshot online. When you contact Erasemugshots, they will run a search on your behalf in order to find where your mugshots are published and will contact you with their results. It is best to run your own search to see if you have found any that they missed.

The service will then contact the mugshot sites to remove your information and pictures from their sites. Following this, they will also notify search engines like Google and Yahoo to block the traces of the records appearing in a search. The service also guarantees the removal of all mugshots in the future from any site, assuming it is not the result of a new arrest for no additional fee. 


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