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  • 1. Driving While Intoxicated 2. Fail To Obey Traffic Control Device 3. Fail To Place Vehicle As Far Right As Possible
  • 1.) Driving While Intoxicated 2.) Failed To Drive Within Right Lane Of Highway Having 2 Or More Lanes In Same Direction Resulting In A Crash
  • 1) Felony Possession Of Methamphetamine 2) Dwi - Drugs 3) Careless And Imprudent Involving An Accident
  • 1) Driving While Intoxicated 2) Speeding
  • 1) Driving While Intoxicated - Resulting In Injury To Another 2) Failed To Drive On Right Half Of The Roadway Resulting In A Crash
  • Misdemeanor Possession Of Marijuana/Synthetic Cannabinoid Of 10 Grams Or Less
  • 1- Felony Possession Of Controlled Substance 2- Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia
  • 1. Driving While Intoxicated - Alcohol 2. Exceeding Posted Speed Limit
  • 1. Possession Of A Controlled Substance - Oxycodone - Felony 2. Possession Of Marijuana - Less Than 10 Grams - Misdemeanor 3. Possession Of...
  • Prob Violation (Or Commty Cont Re Unk/Fel/Misd/Juv Non Critria)
  • 1 Felony Possession Of A Controlled Substance: Two Pills Of Oxycodone Hydrochloride-Three Pills Of Alprazolam. 2.Possession Of Marijuana Les...
  • 1.) Unlawful Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia. 2.) No Valid License - 2Nd Offense. 3.) No Insurance. 4.) No Seatbelt.
  • 1. (Felony) Possession Of A Controlled Substance- Methamphetamine 2. (Felony) Possession Of A Controlled Substance- Lorazepam (107 Pills) 3....
  • Dui-Unlaw Bld Alch (Dui Influence Of Alcohol Or Drugs)
  • Felony Patrol Charge Of Driving While Intoxicated, Misdemeanor Patrol Charges Of Speeding 11 To 15 Mph Over Speed Limit, Failure To Drive On...
  • Sex Offender Violation - Fail To Comply With Registration Law
  • Drugs-Possess (Cntrl Sub Wo Prescription)
  • 1-Dwi 2-Driving While Suspended 3-No Insurance 4-Fail To Display License Plates
  • St. Charles Police Department- Failure Appear Failure To Register Vehicle
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